Rocket League is one of the best and craziest computer games developed by Psyonix (“soccer with vehicles”). It highlights a competitive game mode dependent on teamwork and outsmarting rivals.

Rocket League may resemble a basic and easygoing game right away; however, when you invest some time and effort with it, you understand that it’s a long way from that. Rocket League has the best high-ability roof, and if you need to arrive at the top, you’ll need to enjoy all advantages possible.

Every latest pc must have the option to deal with Rocket League easily on interestingly high fps. The primary objective of players searching for the best Rocket League settings isn’t the settings of graphics to help their fps; however, it’s the camera and controls settings they are searching for.

That doesn’t mean that you should not focus on the greatest conceivable fps in Rocket League. We are focused on the fact that you may need to explore different experiments regarding your camera and control settings to improve the game or make your interactivity more charming.

In this article, we will provide you complete information regarding rocket league settings, including control settings, video settings, audio settings, gameplay settings, Interface settings, and camera settings. You can search for resources to improve your pc so you can accomplish better fps, less input lag, and less inertness in Rocket League and some other game you may be playing.

Rocket League settings

With regards to Pro Rocket League settings, whatever you might be searching for, you will most likely search it in this guide. I will go inside and out in each significant setting and give you a few ideas from my experience or my exploration of the best Rocket League Pro players and Rocket league Pro camera settings.

Best Controller for Rocket League

In light of the fact that there isn’t much variety in commonly used controllers (PC mice, for example, don’t differ in the sensor or side buttons), most of what defines a Best controller is its form factor and overall feel. In many ways, the Dual Shock 4 controller is similar to the Xbox controller; however, the Xbox One Elite controller and Razer Raiju both have additional triggers and tabs, so if you feel like you’d benefit from having this additional method of input, then go for it. In addition, the Dualshock 4 integrates flawlessly with Rocket League on PC, so you do not need to purchase any third-party software to begin playing the game.

Best Rocket league Controller settings

Some people use Best Motherboard, Best Graphic Card, Best CPU Coolers, Best Keyboard, and Best Mouse for this game, and there’s nothing bad about that. Indeed, a portion of the world’s driving players plays with Keyboard/Mouse. However, I remain unaware of console/mouse ties, but as far as controller ties, I can suggest many things.

The default controller design can be very bad once you get higher positioned and join extra abilities into your collection. There are events where you should utilize two buttons that would be very hard to reach with your thumb.

Some people have adjusted to this by carrying out the “paw” hold; however, rather than this, we can remap the buttons utilized by utilizing the “View/Change Bindings” button.


Air Roll Button

As I would like to think, the main control to change is your Air Roll button, and this is the component that permits you to make changes considerable all around to improve point-ready.

As you rank up, you will frequently be utilizing the lift and air roll simultaneously, so with the default controls of B/Circle and X/Square (Xbox/PS4 individually), these are hard to perform with your thumb.

One exceptionally well-known decision is to move both Boost and Air Roll to R1 and L1 separately. While doing this, you need to prepare your center finger to utilize the gas pedal and brake/turn around. Doing this means you can move your Power slide button to L1 too.

Push to Talk

Voice visit doesn’t work in this game, so you should uncheck this crate.

Vibration of Controller

This is a people inclination thing. However, we like to have it turned off as I think that it is awkward.

Controlling Sensitivity

This is how touchy your simple stick is to guide, so the smallest development of your simple stick will turn your vehicle. We don’t prefer to set this exceptionally high at all since it means your vehicle can turn extremely sharp when you do not especially need to.

Deadzone of controller

This is the amount you need to move your simple stick before your vehicle begins to turn. If you have this at the most extreme worth, you should push your simple stick right to the left to begin turning left, for instance.

If you have it right to the base worth, it will begin to turn the second your simple stick isn’t focal. This truly goes to a people’s inclination, and it’s whatever you’re alright with.

Evade Deadzone

This is like the controller Deadzone; however, it’s how far you need to push the simple stick when trying to flip your vehicle a specific way; many people have this setting higher to reduce undesirable reverse somersaults while serializing.

If you have this maxed and you try to flip while your simple stick isn’t pulled/pushed as far as possible where you need it, you will simply double-fold leap. You need to search down the best centerground that suits you.

Best Rocket League Camera Settings

Rocket League camera settings are likely one of the main settings you must streamline and try different things. Underneath, you will search for ideas on each setting and the rocket league best camera settings that squishy muffin camera settings are utilizing.

Camera preset: Custom

Camera shake: All it does is shake your camera and make things somewhat harder to see.

Distance: Distance is quite simple. Expanding the Distance worth will pull the camera back from your vehicle, and dropping the Distance worth will make the camera draws nearer.

A great many people, including Squishy Muffinz, utilize 270

Height: This setting sets the height of your camera. By expanding it, your camera will go up, and the camera will go down by diminishing. 90 – 110. Soft Muffinz utilizes 100.

Firmness: One of the best camera settings is rocket Leagues since it influences every one of the remainders of the Rocket Leagues' pro camera settings. Except controlling how inflexibly your camera follows your car, it impacts a lot of different things also.

As you speed up and advance around the field with lower firmness, your camera will start to move further away from your car. Then, as you delay down, your camera will move back towards its unique position. So you can envision that the best RL camera setting this to the most noteworthy worth will make your camera stay something very similar on any speed increase or development.

Set this between 0.35 – 0.7. A great many people utilize 0.40 – 0.45, and soft Muffinz utilizes 0.40.

Field of View: By turning the Field of View esteem up, you acquire more extensive views of the field and permit yourself to take in more data while maintaining your camera a similar separation.

Most star players, including Squishy Muffinz, are using110.

Turn speed: Sensitivity of your camera. Fundamentally, how rapidly your camera will dish around while moving the right simple stick to check around the field.

This is generally the ‘affectability’ of your camera. Everything relies upon how quickly you need your camera to turn when you use it. Some like it to turn very quickly so they can view the activity as quickly as could be expected, and others need it to turn more slowly, so they have more power over where they’re looking precisely.

There are contentions for the two sides, so again, it’s ideal to try different things with this one and use whichever setting you discover turns out best for you. Sometimes, 5.3.

Set this between 4 – 6. Soft Muffinz utilizes 4.70.

Change speed: How rapidly you move between your ball and the vehicle camera.

Set the worth between 1.0 – 1.3. Soft Muffinz utilizes 1.20.

Reverse turn: Disabled



These camera settings alternate the angle at which the camera is watching your vehicle. You would prefer not to be peering downward on your vehicle as though you’re checking it out from a higher perspective since you will not have the option to adjust shots at height yet you additionally don’t need the point to be too level since then you will not have the best outline of the contribute front of you.

Camera Stiffness

In general, this is about how ‘free’ the camera is to follow your vehicle. When you’re at extremely high speeds, the camera will get very out of focus, or, if you’re floating, it will ‘trail’ behind your vehicle a little. In general, the higher this setting is, the more inflexible it is.

Visualize a real camera following your vehicle as a simple method to imagine this setting. When the camera is set to the lowest setting, it is connected to a spring, causing it to follow your vehicle freely and on the spot. It is connected to the car with a solid iron bar at the maximum setting, causing it to follow your vehicle without any wobbling. It is overall, utilizing a camera solidness of 0.43. The majority of the population don’t realize what camera solidness is, so they don’t know what to do until you figure out what style you like, and there aren’t necessarily ‘best’ settings.

Switch Ballam

You need to determine whether you should hold the ball cam button (and then go back to your vehicle camera when you release it) or whether you should flip the switch. The tendency is to do this; however, there is something to be said for not stressing over keeping your finger on a button while watching mind-boggling films. It appears that most experts agree with that statement because 87% turn their Ballcams rather than hold them.


In this setting, the inclination is the deciding factor. The battery life of the controller will diminish dramatically if you activate the vibration feature.

Most people, however, only perceive it as an interruption, which they would prefer to avoid in aggressive games. Despite having a minor effect on your interactivity, we advise you to turn it off since it doesn’t provide significant advantages.

Best Rocket league video settings

Rocket league best video settings are frequently dismissed by the newest players. Many people need the game to look pretty and feel practical. While there is nothing off about that (and with a great deal of training, you might arrive at Supersonic Legend), it will block you from expanding your expertise.

With all of the good impacts and reasonable contacts, the game looks stunning. However, it will make an effort on your edge rate or Rocket league FPS (Frames each Second). In competitor’s games, you need however much FPS that you can support, causing the game to feel smoother and help you respond sooner.

Presently if you have a top-end PC and can have covered FPS, feel free to turn on a portion of the video impacts (as long as you keep up with that covered FPS). Something else, here is a list of settings to change to expand your PC’s execution.

Goal (Native):

This setting must be set to your local screen setting. Most screens are 1920×1080 16:9 proportions, and if yours is unique, ensure it is set to the right one.


Show Mode (Fullscreen):

When the game is set to full screen, everything behind the scenes gets required to be postponed, and your PC will focus just on the game, improving exhibition and casing rate.

Against Aliasing (FXAA Low or Medium):

Anti associating helps smooth the edges of articles out at the expense of FPS. You should begin on FXAA low and increment it until you begin losing FPS.

Render Quality (High Quality):

This is the main setting I would keep on high. If this is set to performance, the game looks horrendous and isn’t exceptionally amusing to play. The FPS lost here isn’t excessively incredible, and if your PC can deal with it, I suggest keeping this at a superior grade.


Vertical Sync (Off):

Vertical sync diminishes screen tearing, expanding input slack. Since input slack is the thing that we are trying to decrease, winding down this and managing screen tearing is a vastly improved alternative.

Surface Detail (High Performance):

Texture detail isn’t a major FPS executioner in this game; however, truly, the fields look very great in elite, so as I would see it, it does not merit setting this any higher.

Render Detail (Custom):

This will be set to custom as we are going to uncheck a portion of the containers on the right.

Frames Per Second (Uncapped):

Setting this to uncapped will consistently ensure that your PC is trying its hardest to keep up with the most noteworthy FPS it can.

World Detail (Performance):

This set includes every one of the interruptions that can remove your concentration from the ball. This must be set to execution and never shows signs of change, except if you are going for some cool photograph operations.

Texture Detail (Performance):

Another FPS saver. Not an entirely recognizable contrast between quality and execution, so keep it on execution.

Impact Intensity (Low Intensity):

This is a minor setting, and I, for one, play with it set to default. If you are battling with FPS, changing this to low force may get a few edges.

Checkboxes (Keep Transparent Goalposts On):

High-quality shaders, surrounding impediment, depth of field, sprout, light shafts, focal point flares, dynamic shadows, movement obscure, and climate impacts can be wound down as they can radically lessen your FPS. Keep simply goal lines on as this allows you to see the ball through the divider inside an objective.

Conclusion: Best Rocket League Settings

Your PC equipment need not be extraordinarily powerful to play Rocket League. Even though you need a (good) controller and a decent PC, you can still make settings and changes to benefit your exhibition.

We hope that this Complete guide will serve as the perfect starting point for you to figure out your settings and what’s right for you. These settings and games will be based on your preferences. Don’t hesitate to try out very peculiar camera settings if you think it can work. Ultimately, this complete guide is just that; an aide. I hope you have a great time playing this game, and best of luck.