So you have Complete Guide Dead by Daylight and you want to experience it again with less effort. Well lucky for you there is a way of doing this which is by using the prestige option in the game and if you don’t know what it is or what it does then don’t make yourself uncomfortable because this is why we have made a Complete Research Base guide on this.

So Dead by Daylight is a Survival horror action game in which you have to run from a killer who is trying to hunt you down and you have to escape the area and throughout the game like the smash ultimate game you earn points. These points then help you to purchase various items in the game and one of them is Prestige. So let’s get to that.

What Is Prestige and Is Dead By Daylight Prestige worth It?

To understand the importance of prestige we need to know what Prestige is. So the dead by daylight prestige is an achievement or a process that helps you to bring down your player progress in an instant. Now you must be wondering why you would need to do that.

You need to do the prestige once you reached level 50 because you can’t go any higher than that and to unlock more cool items and stuffs like skins and better items in your blood wing and don’t worry you are not going to be forced to do the prestige the game gives you an option if you want to but this also comes at a heavy cost if you still decide to do the prestige.

So when you prestige you lose all the items in your inventory so remember that you use those items first before you prestige because you are not going to get them back and all your items in your blood wing are also going to get lost.

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So is it worth it to lose all your work and achievements in an instant? It depends upon the players because prestige is also an achievement and once you do the DBD prestige it is going to show up at the top to show you that you have completed the prestige achievement.

You can also show prestige by using the skins that you get by prestige DBD. So the choice is yours but if you don’t decide to prestige you are going to be stuck at the same level with no skins and new items that you get by prestige.

How many times can you prestige in dead by daylight?

In this Complete Guide ( how many times can you prestige in DBD )Of course, every achievement has its way of showing it to you and in prestige dead by daylight you show it by 3 different DBD player levels. You can prestige( DBD prestige rewards ) in dead by daylight 3 times and every time you prestige you receive different items. Now let’s take a look at what this prestige ( dead by daylight prestige rewards order ) offers us.

Dead by Daylight Prestige 1:

In prestige one, you get to unlock Rare Nodes at a chance of 10% and a skin which consists of a shirt and several other items for blood wing.

Dead by Daylight Prestige 2:

In Prestige 2 you get to unlock more rare nodes And Very rare nodes with more chances and a pant in the addition of your skin.

Dead by Daylight Prestige 3:

Now in Prestige 3, you get to unlock more rare and very rare nodes and as a bonus ultra-rare nodes with the highest chances and also ahead as a part of the skin.

Dead By Daylight Prestige killer:

Unfortunately, it does not matter if you are the killer or survivor if you want to achieve prestige because the method for both the killer and the survivor is the same. You need to get to level 50 if you are a killer and then you can achieve prestige.

Once you reached level 50 of your killer character or survivor a small gem appears in your blood wing with other items. Once you select the gem you have prestige your character it does not matter if you are a killer or survivor the method is same for the both of them. SO from which ways you can quickly level up and prestige your killer.

There are several ways to do that

  1. You can destroy generators and various objects that can help the survivor to escape or you hunt down the survivors.
  2. You can also use the abilities to overpower the survivors and kill them or set traps. You can kill the survivors in different ways like hooking them with other objects and while chasing them.
  3. Now what this does is you get more blood points. If you find and kill the survivors with these methods you are going to earn more currency or points. Complete and attempt as many as you can and in the end, you will receive good points and you can quickly level up and prestige your character.

Dead by Daylight Prestige skins

Now According to the earlier Best Guide, we know what is dead by daylight prestige is we can get to know the best stuff that we achieve by getting this achievement which is skins. Skins are the easiest way to show off your skills to other people they can quickly recognize just by looking at your skin which level are you on and dead by daylights prestige is no different than other.

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As I mentioned earlier that with each prestige level you get to unlock three different parts which are Head, Shirt, and pants and they are different from the regular ones. These items are covered in red blood which then gives the character a terrifying look. The head part can also include a mask covered in blood.

There are also some very rare skins but the problem is that you have to install a mod to get them because these skins were once a part of the game itself and now they are removed after the November 2016 patch and after this patch trying to prestige your character was a lot easier.

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These rare skins are called legacy skins. These skins were very different from the bloody ones so if you want to try them out you can easily install and use them with a help of a mod and the reason that you can get these skins only from a mod is that the developers of the game made this clear that these skins were never going to come back like the Multiplayer video game Rocket League. So if you are trying to get these skins the legal way you are wasting your effort and time

Conclusion | Dead by Daylight Prestige

So this is the Complete Guide of dead by light prestige and how to Prestige Survivors & Killers in Dead By Daylight but if you paid attention closely you would have noticed that you are losing a lot with each prestige level and getting less. The whole point of the prestige is to give you a new of starting a new game.

When you activate a prestige it does not feel like you just have started a new game with your B550 motherboard or ay another motherboard and gaming keyboard instead it gives you new things so that you can keep playing the game even after you finished it. Some people say that after completing the game aside from the multiplayer this is the only thing that keeps you to play the game.

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In simple words, prestige is a good achievement you can easily show off with this skill and tell your companions that you have reached level 50 once or twice or even thrice. It gives you a whole new purpose for completing the game by adding new things.

But at the end of how and why to prestige in Dead by Daylight – Is it worth it? guide, the question for those who still can’t figure out if it’s worth losing all your progress in an instant is yes because once you have reached level 50 there is not much you can do. So it is good to achieve this prestige.

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