Do you ever wanted to own a house in final fantasy and Guide about FFXIV how to build a house like you do in real life and make your character live in it. Well, it is possible and without wasting much time we get straight to the point of how you can own or build your own house in final fantasy XIV.

In this guide of final fantasy Xiv, we are going to learn that how you can own a house in-game explaining step by step. So let’s go ahead straight to that.

How To Unlock Property In Ffxiv Housing? Unlocking and Buying the House

First of all buying, a house in final fantasy XIV can be a bit of a challenge because there are certain areas in the game map in which you can buy the houses. So if you don’t have unlocked these areas in your game you cannot buy your property in the game yet. The areas names are as following.

  1. Mist
  2. Lavender Beds
  3. Shirogane
  4. Goblet

Now if you have unlocked these areas already you can purchase your property but if you don’t I am going to explain how you can unlock these areas.

• Mist

So the number 1 is the Mist and for unlocking this area you are going to talk to a person in the game named as the Ahcketon. You can find him at the Red Rooster Stead situated in the lower portion of Lower La Noscea.

• Lavender Beds

At number 2 is the Lavender Beds you have to talk to Margeria who is located in BentBranch Meadows in the Central Shroud region of the game.

• Shirogane

For unlocking the ShiroGane you have to talk to Tsurubami who is found in Kugane but there is a little problem here which is in order to unlock this area you must have to reach the stormblood expansion.

• Goblet

The last is the Goblet region and can unlock it by having to talk to the person named the Scorpion Crossing who is in the Western Thanalan.

Now you can freely buy the houses in final fantasy xiv in these regions. Now let’s talk about what type of houses that you can get to buy after so much struggle.

Final Fantasy XIV Houses Types

If you don’t know which type of house you can buy in final fantasy xiv housing schemes then don’t buy the first house that you see is on sale because you can buy houses for different purposes for example you can purchase it for your usage like you normally do or you can buy it for building a company of free. Now with that covered let’s find out which type of property you can buy.

  1. Apartments
  2. Small plots or larger plots (it is your choice)
  3. Private Chambers

Now you know which type of house you can buy in final fantasy xiv but the one thing that you don’t know is the money tag of these houses. IN final fantasy xiv houses prices are not the same they depend on which type of land you are buying for example if you buy an apartment it is going to cost you less compared to the other houses.

You can also purchase a house with all of your own money if you can afford it or you can do it with your members of the free company. Once you have purchased your dream house in the game what can you do in it? that is the real question. Well, you can do a number of things such as gardening and taking care of it. If you purchased a house with your members you get your private chambers as well as different activities that cannot do if you purchased it on your own.

Now if you are wondering what you can’t do since it your own house is you can’t start a company but with the help of members you can build your free company airship and what it does is it allows you to travel between other three cities cost-free

With that all sorted out, we can move to the next main point of getting your own house or building one.

Getting Construction License in final fantasy XIV

All the major work (How Do Housing Timers Work Ffxiv?) is done now the last thing is to start building your house which is going to proceed by getting a construction permit in the game. You cannot start building your house without a construction allowance. So let’s work on how to get that license.

So the first thing you have to do is get to the social menu in the game. Once you have reached the social menu you have to search and once you have searched a drop-down menu will appear on your screen with the word ffxiv housing in it. Now select housing FFXIV and then the estate hall option and don’t worry you can select whatever you want to build later after selecting it.

Now once you have reached this section of the menu congrats you have finally achieved your permit and the one last thing you have to do is to select the option with Build Estate Hall mentioned and it should cost you around 3000000 GILl The supply and the tools consist of Building material, Construction tool, and Partition material. But your problems don’t end here we also have other problems to deal with once you own your house in final fantasy xiv. So let’s get to them.

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Timer

If you are going to acquire a property in one of your assets or for your personal use it is not as easy as it sounds like because there are small amounts of plots available in the areas and if unluckily they are all already purchased the only way that someone can purchase them like you or anybody else in the game is to wait for that person not to enter his house for 45 days because then it gets destroyed and it does not matter how much you have paid for it.

Another crucial part of this problem is that the players have to wait until that particular plot comes on the market again but the real bummer is that you don’t know how much time you have to wait because nobody knows when it’s going to come back on the market. But let’s consider that if it does early what then? Well, then you have to compete with others countless Other players who are also after this piece of land for how much time before you.

FF XIV Housing timer duration

The FFXIV time works incredibly different in the game it’s almost as an invisible time that you cannot tell but the FFXIV housing timer could last from anywhere within 6 to 24 hours and you have to be perfectly ready at the place and time because if you don’t somebody else is going to claim that house and if you do try to claim he ffxiv plot timer or house before it is on the market you will be presented with this error message on your screen the plot or house( Depends upon what you are buying)is not yet ready to be purchased. So there is no point in wasting your effort before.

And with that said it leaves us with another question which is.

After how much time the House value is decreased in FFXIV?

The houses that are not being used are degraded by a value of 0.43% by every six hours in the game. You can clearly see how much value of the plot of land is being decreased down below: • The Original Price is: 3,000,000 Gils

• After 7 days of the time value of a house is: 2,647,200 Gils • After days of the time the value is: 1,488,000 Gils

You can see how much of an effect it makes on the house if it is not being used and after 30 days it is even less than half of its original price.

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