Minecraft is with no doubt the best multiplayer game ever made you can do almost anything in the game you can also expect to use the cheat codes that can give you some major help in the game.

Now in the world of mine craft, the proper way to do it is through a table known as the enchantment table which is however not a cheat code but its functionality is similar to as of one but there are also several other methods from which we can obtain an enchanted item such as the infinity bow that we are also going to discuss later down below this method it works on every single Minecraft edition no matter on which platform you are playing on.

So before we dive deeper into the world of enchanting an item we first need to know what is enchanting is. So let us start.

What is enchantment?

Enchantment is a method or a tool that can be used on a product in order to enhance it or extends its capability of doing things you can use the enchantment on books weapons tools and more it makes the gameplay easier for us. Now as we know what an enchantment is we can procceed to the next step which is.

What infinity enchantment is?

Minecraft infinity enchantment is a tool that can allow you to use your arrows without ever running out meaning that you can shoot unlimited arrows at the targets without using arrows from your backpack but the issue is you can only apply this enchantment on a simple arrow using enchantment table also meaning that you cannot use it on special or tipped arrows. It is a very useful tool to be used. Now that we have known what an infinity enchantment is we need to know how we can get it through the enchanting table.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Guide

The first one in this list is our not so much trusty classic enchantment table the reason it’s not trusted is will be explained later at the end because first, we need to know how it works itself so in simple words Enchanting table is a block which contains various enchantment tools armory weapons and some more other stuff.

Now in order to use it, you need to spend some of your experience points that you gain throughout the game in order to use this stuff.

The next thing is if you want to use a level 30 enchantment table you are going to need some stuff in order to access it the first thing you are going to need is an experience level of 30 which is obvious and the second thing is three lapis lazuli and for those who don’t know what a lapis lazuli is I am going to demonstrate that for you it is a powerhouse for the enchantment table.

Once you have these two things you are good to go but there is also one more problem you have to deal with here which is that these enchantment tables are always changing themselves there can be no guarantee in any regard that you can find whatever you are looking for in that table.

Now to understand it in simple words let’s say that you want to enchant your bow with the infinity enchantment so what you are going to do is simply put the bow in enchantment table in an empty box and the next thing you do is hope that your bow does get enchanted because of the changing of the box.

There is also a quick tip that I would like to tell which is apparently you can make a significant amount of increase in the level of enchantment through bookshelves if placed ahead to the enchanting table they keep a block of air between them.

These spells are very useful to use they are very handy but they are never easy to get with this enchantment table but there is also another way that you can go but this process is going to take some time but if you are not satisfied with this you have to try this.

Trading and exchanging

You can never fully rely on the enchantment table because of its characteristics but one thing that you can rely on is through trading.

If you build a village that contains many or some librarians or already have built any that contain them there is a high chance that one of them can trade with you a book that is enchanted with infinity.

But all of this can happen if you have librarians but what to do if you don’t have them luckily there is also a way in which you can force them to be librarians in order to that they have to be unemployed and then approached to a lectern.

If you find it hard to do this on your own you can choose the easy way which is by trapping a baby villager in a small area or big but make sure that it is equipped with a lantern.

Now you just have to wait because it is going to take some time to make a villager willingly trade a book with infinity but it is better to wait for something that is surely going to happen than waiting for something that is not going to happen.

The reason that it can be guaranteed is that there is a high level of chance that a librarian will be selling a book that is enchanted in their invoice. Their prices also vary between 5to19 emeralds for an enchanted book. There is also another way for getting the enchantment so let us go ahead with that.

Enchantment with fishing

If you are tired According to the first two methods Guide and don’t want to try them then don’t worry you are not going to try this one either because this much is much tougher than both of them and the way it works is also quite fishy. I decided to include this because if you do have not any other way of getting the enchantment then this option can come in handy.

What you do is basically pull out your fishing rod which is equipped with the luck of the sea III enchantment and make sure that it is enchanted and if it is not don’t worry you are still going to catch some fish.

Now what the enchantment does is instead of catching infinite fishing Minecraft it catches treasures which also includes enchanted Minecraft fishing enchanted books as well but another problem that comes here is that the book does not guarantee you that it is equipped with infinity and so this makes you sit there for hours waiting to catch one that is equipped with infinity.

But what if you have one that is equipped with the infinity so in that case, So I am going to Guide the next topic.


The first question that comes to our mind if you are not so much familiar with Minecraft meaning that you are playing as a new player is that now what is this Anvil? So anvil is a tool that combines enchanted items or can also be used to repair items whilst preserving your precious enchantments.

Now if you have the book that is enchanted with infinity what you are going to do is simply combine the two items one is the enchanted book and the other is the product that you want to do enchantment on which is, in this case, is a bow when both book and the bow combine themselves it will create the enchantment on the bow which is the infinity enchantment.