We can all agree that Monks are one of their kind when it comes to their abilities which are so much good that we want to choose them instead of the other mighty players but the only problem is that they are so much easy to attack or harmed by enemies since they don’t possess any weapons and this is where Kensei monks become useful for us.

These monks are so much hardly trained with their weapons that they no longer need the weapons to need them to put it in simple words (weapons become a very necessary requirement for them) which is why we are here to let our monks use weapons and this is the best way of doing that you can almost use any type of weapons with them.

So for a Kensei monk weapon is a must requirement for him which is what we want from our monk whatever weapons you select for your Kensei monk the monk will use it to attack enemies and will show his way of dealing with enemies which I believe is the use of martial arts with the help of these weapons.

These monks are so much well trained with this skill that this skill makes them fearless and powerful warriors in the field. Now as we have dealt with the issue of handling weapons to the monk let’s understand that why it is a good option for you.

Kensei Weapons

The first one is Kensei weapons now the whole thing is about weapons for the Kensei monk and luckily you will be able to select between two different types of weapons first one will be used for close up encounters with enemies and the second one will be used for enemies that are far away from such as a longbow.

The weapons you select can be good or not good which means that it can also lose the characteristics of a good weapon so selecting wisely is a good idea and as you use these weapons you can also increase your skill if you currently don’t possess it furthermore weapons that you choose are made for monk for you so as a result many of the custom features will only able to work their way with Kensei weapons.

Now as you further increase your area of expertise and reach the level of 6 to 17 you also have the freedom of choosing a different model or a type of weapon which can be close up combat useful or ranged useful depending on your choice.

Agile parry

So the second one is agile parry and you may have guessed from the name that it is some kind of defense mechanism and in that case, you are perfectly right so if you are making a fully unarmed attack that is completely leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks and by chance you have Kensei weapon in the hands of your monk you can also use it to defend yourself at the same time but to work it has to be a melee weapon.

The good point of using this mechanism is you get 2 bonus points in your AC until you start with another enemy. By using this skill the weapon and the monk both are protected by the enemy attack.

Kensie’s shot

The Kensei shot is a little bit fun to play with it allows you to use one of the bonus points to perform long-ranged attacks more efficiently and harmful with your Kensei weapon. So when you can deliver this shot at the enemy with the weapon the enemy or the target that you selected will get a more 1d8 damage effect depending on the weapons type that you used to attack.

One with the Blade

So when you reach the level of 6 you unlock furthermore benefits which we are going to explore now.

Magic Kensei weapons

At this stage of level, the attacks you perform with your weapons on the targets will be taken into consideration as magical because of the cause of overcome resistance and it also provides resistance to non-magically performed attacks or any damage.

Deft Strike

If you want to inflict more damage on your opponent or target you can because this skill allows you to do some high damage compared to the regular one if you spend 1 of your ki point but the only problem is that it can only be used once in a battlefield.

Sharpen the Blade

Now you have finally stepped into the big territory because at this level which is 11 you are given the power to build up Kensei weapons more and you can do this by the Ki. So, as a result, you can use 3 of your Ki points on one particular Kensei weapon so when you attack using that weapon it will add a bonus point on any kind of damaging and attack.

The bonus that you get with this will be equal to the number Ki points you spent on that weapon. You also have to keep two things in mind which are that the duration of bonus points that you get will only last for 1 min or when you use this feature again and the second thing is that it does not have any effect on a weapon that is already equipped with other bonus effects.

Unerring Accuracy

This is the end of level well not particularly there are still much to go ahead but this is the last stage of customizing and leveling up your weapons which are level 17 so at this level, as I mentioned earlier that Kensei monks are so much well trained with their weapons this level brings that practice to some extreme level and gives you more accuracy on them for example if you missed an attack on some whilst you are using your Kensei monk weapon you can reroll it when it is your turn but the problem you can only get the advantage of this skill once at a time when your turn comes up.


So, as you know that our main purpose was to make our monks more combat-worthy in the field and Kensei monks are perfect and more useful in this situation. They are much more capable of doing than just attacking or targeting the enemy on the battlefields their abilities are much more than any other players like the ability to roll up on an attack.

Well then the question arises is it worth it to choose a monk over other players, yes but it depends upon the choice of yours but, it is certainly better to have a weapon in your hand rather than just going empty-handed in the battle if you love to accept monk as your player.

While with time the abilities can also be increased further improvements can come that can enhance your monk in using weapons in different ways. So it is worth it to select Kensei monk as your player if you want to play with a monk with both melee and long-ranged attacks, but you should also consider other options as well.