If you are a fan of lighting lure spell attack and is curious to try it out and how does it work then you are in the right place because I am going to break down the spell advantages and disadvantages and explain how it works because it is a new entry in the game and brings many features many have been a fan of it but the problem is they don’t know what it does or what it is. So I am going to break it down and let’s start.

What is lightning Lure 5e?

Lightning Lure is a destructive spell that is made of lightning and can be used on a creature or a protagonist that is within the range of 15 feet now when you cast it on the creature or a wizard the creature is pulled 10 feet towards you and if it’s within the range of 5 feet of the spell caster the creature will get a shock of 1d8 it can also be maximized up to 4d8 which will do a lot more heavy impact.

You can use this spell after saving some of your power. Now another question that arises here is that how do you achieve it? Now as it is a cantrip it’s also not very easy and also not very hard. You can see the name of Lighting Lure in the spell lists of the artificer, wizard, and warlock.

HIGH Elves has to access to this spell because of the racial feature that they endure whereas the bards can learn the use of this spell by using one of their feature which is magical secrets but they don’t pay much attention to it and likes to concentrate on other various spells also the magic imitate and the artificer initiate feat allows the character any grade to learn the cantrip from the classes that have lightning lure spells on them. Now let’s talk about have many affective or advantages does this spell holds.

lightning Lure 5e Advantages

The best thing about this spell is that it focuses on the enemy that has a low amount of strength numbers which further increases the chance of you defeating them so when the lighting lure bring an enemy towards you when it is in its range the main attempt of the enemy is to get away from the range of this spell because no matter how they fight you they are still going to get shocked which decreases their chance of winning against you.

Now one thing that you can also use this spell for is that you can also take your enemies traveling on the back of another creature like a hobbit on the back of an orc.

The lighting lure also does not need time or resources to be cast or prepared it doesn’t require you to focus on a single enemy to be cast because lighting can go anywhere which can make the lighting go through different enemies without being affected but it will become a little weak also it doesn’t require a somatic component which means that as long as you are speaking you can use the spell which will pull the creature towards you and also give them the element of surprise.

The most amazing thing that this spell can do is that if you don’t want to melee or fight with your enemy that the spell pulled towards you once you electrocuted them you can lure them through another AOE zone of other members spell which he cast such as fire. It can also be used when you are low on health. So these are the advantages of casting this spell now let’s talk about what this spell can do in return to you which is not in favour of you.

lightning Lure 5e Disadvantages

Of course, everything has some advantages and disadvantages whether it’s a game or a real-life thing and that is the case with the Lighting Lure spell. The first main problem with this spell is that when you cast it onto a creature it not only moves them it also pulls you towards them which can suddenly make you fight them.

So now as a spell caster, there are some things and builds that can be useful in melee attacks but another problem that comes is that majority of the wizards and sorcerers find it hard to search the health so that they can back up the build on the other side warlocks do have some strong melee builds but the problem is that if you use on of your slots on the Lighting Lure spell it leaves less storage for another good damaging cantrip to implement other big damaging effects.

As I mentioned earlier that the spell caster also moves towards the creature that the spell is cast on it leaves you no other choice to fight with them but the problem is that the movement is sudden and you don’t have any counter-measures ready to attack leaving you vulnerable to an enemy attack which can further minimize the impact of this spell.

Another problem with this spell is that the amount of damage that you do to your opponent can only affect your target if it’s within 5 feet of you.

Talking about the range of this spell is very small which is 15 feet compared to other spells which allow you to cast a spell on your opponent from 100 feet this is very low.

And the last problem but not least is that you can’t use this spell anywhere you want because it can only affect the creatures which means that you cannot even pull an object towards you so this is a little disappointment.

How often can you use it?

If you feel a little disappointed by viewing the disadvantages and thought that this spell is useless you are wrong because you can also use it in different situations like you can pull the enemies in different areas where the spell is cast just like traps you can also pull an enemy into one of your traps by doing teamwork like you can surround them and leaving them no chance of escape you can also use this spell if an enemy is fleeing from a rooftop which of course in the range of spell and by using this spell you can pull them down.

Talking about teamwork you can also save one of your teammates or friend from an enemy attack if he is vulnerable to him which will give them a little shock but you are saving his life.

Now another situation in which you can use this spell is when you are low on builds but good at hand to hand combat (Melee) and you don’t want the enemy to get away you can quickly use this spell as it don’t require any components or anything and you can just pull him towards you without making any sacrifice. You can also save some other people or your teammates or friends by pulling them away from a cliff.

In other simple words the spell can become quite useful in many situations it’s a good tool to have in your backpack because you never know when you are going to need it.

Conclusion of lightning Lure 5e

Lighting lure 5e is a perfect close-range attack it can electrocute other creatures and bring them towards you. It is proven to be a very handy spell although it might not be as damaging as other spells but still does a good job.

Talking about other spells many will come over the lighting lure 5e they will have a high damaging rate and better control over enemies but the one thing lighting lure has is its ability to pull down enemies from another creature back which is the best thing it does.

If you are still disappointed by this spell and don’t like it well here is one thing that might change your mind you can upgrade the lighting spell and its damaging capacity that It does to other creatures by upgrading its level as I mentioned earlier from 5 to 11 and 17 levels and its shocking capacity from 1d8 to4d8.

Now another question that can come here is that is it worth it to spend your one useful slot on this spell. The answer is Yes because it increases the chances of doing more kills and can also be used for other various things.

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