Do you ever want to slay some bad monsters and creatures with the swing of your sword or by magical abilities in the dark of night just like a dark knight in The Witcher? Well, you can in the monster slayer 5e and we are going to talk about how you will be able to do that in this 5e Monster Slayer Guide in which we will discuss some abilities and magical spells. So let’s jump straight into it.

What is monster Slayer 5e?

The Monster Slayer is a mobile game in which you do the part of the slayer the creature you will be hunting down are magical beings wolf,s vampires, and some more deadly creatures, and don’t worry the player that you will be controlling will be trained from right at the beginning but not much so you have to work on that as you start to build up your progress in the game. Talking about the area of expertise of your player each level and skill will help you in different battles and help you defeat your enemy more quickly and easily. Now we can move to the next part of the levels.

Monster Slayer Magic:

Once you have reached level 3 your abilities will start to expand like new spells and other magical (world of magic ranger guide) things that you can do in this area of the level.

The first spell that you will get once you reach level 3 of ranger monster slayer 5e is protection from the evil and the good and at level 5 you learn a new spell named a zone of truth and you continue to learn more spells as you further progress and reach new levels but you have to remember that as you progress the levels on which you learn new spells they will get higher like when you reach the level 9 you get to learn the spell of the magic circle and then on level 13 you get to learn a new spell called Banishment which is clearly a raise compared to the previous two. But this is a good thing to do because then you get to play the game more. If you want to learn about the spells check out our other guide based on them.

Monster Hunter Senses

Another big ability that you gain when you reach level 3 is to see a creature from a distance and figure out how badly you can hurt them which is a very big help in this game. These monster hunter 5e senses allow you to see a creature from 60 feet you have to be in his range otherwise the spell won’t work but if you are in the range then you can see right away what kind of abilities or damage resistance to your attacks does the creature have so that you can plan your approach according to that and one thing that this spell also tells is what kind of creature it is.

As much as this ability sound fun and handy to use the problem is you cannot use it infinitely you can only use it a couple of times or less as specified by your wisdom modifier. But you can fully recover when you don’t use it for a while or take a long nap.

The biggest and the most helpful part of this ability is to sense the creature for example you have to find a creature that is disguised as a vampire now you want to search for it and then you find a couple of people and you are suspicious that if it’s one of them. Now with the help of this ability you can easily see and figure out which one is your target because you can sense what kind of creature it is or damage resistance it has. To conclude this is a very handy ability to have now let’s talk about other abilities of the character.

Monster Hunter Slayer Prey

As a Monster Hunter Ranger 5e or in other words Monster Slayer ranger 5e you also need to work on your damaging skills and for this, the game also gives you the ability to inflicting more damage on your opponent starting at level 3. Now what this skill does is similar to Hunter Mark what it does it allows you to focus on one particular foe which can result in more damage on the creature by 1d6 damage. Now the way it works is quite interesting because you can either select your target from 60 feet or up close once you have selected your target the first hit on your target will earn you extra 1d6 damage as long as you don’t break the contact between you and the creature meaning if you even look at somewhere else or any other creature that extra 1d6 bonus will stop right away which is kind of a bummer.

But the good news is this you can use this and the Mark Hunter which will get you even more extra damage of 2d6 and that is because of their similarities. If you are feeling a little disappointed by these abilities remember that these skills are being awarded to you at the level of 3 which is a very good thing in my opinion because you are still a newbie in the game if you are on level 3 and that is the last ability that you are going to get on the level 3 lets move towards others levels and see what kind of abilities they have.

Supernatural Defenses

Now you have just passed your barrier of being a newbie in the game or maybe not but at level 7 you do get the ability to get more points by not getting in a fight but by avoiding it. Confused? Let me explain this to you. So whenever you get into a fight with any other creature at level 7 or above you get to control more resilience against your preys assault on both your mind and the body so whenever you are forced to make a saving throw by the best slayer monsters prey force or whenever you do an ability check to be safe from that attack it adds 1d6 extra to your rolling.

Well, now the question that gets remained here is it is worth it to add a d6 to your precious saving throw. Well, it is a complicated task of your choice but I can explain some pros and cons of it the number one con is that there is only a max 10% chance that you get to dodge yourself out of the spells and they can cause you to stop fighting and most of the creatures know how to get access to your saving throws even wolves But there is a good new also which is that if you are casting a spell caster you get to get d6 to every single of you defensive stat which can make a very big difference in your player characteristics.

This technique is a legal and perfect way of also getting more time of saves and the Slayers Prey 5e is worth the hustle.

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