Final fantasy is a relatively young multiplayer gaming franchise with lots of sequels. The latest sequel from the makers of final fantasy is Final Fantasy XIV. The game introduces many new items throughout the game and due to the characteristics of an RPG game, it is much fun to play with.

The game has evolved so much in the multiplayer arena that it is still being playing in huge numbers. The game rewards you with items that can be traded with some unique gear that can be very useful in the battle against enemies or in many other ways.

One of the most interesting items in the game is Silver Chocobo Feather and fans have many of their theories regarding this item but I am going to explain what this item is what it can do and how can you get your hands on it and there is also a bonus tip for you in the end so it is recommended that you read the whole article. Now let’s proceed to the next area.

What is Silver Chocobo Feather

So what exactly is the Silver Chocobo Feather ffxiv? Well, the answer to this question that can be described in the simplest way is that it is a sign of friendship in the world. It looks like a feather-like item that is colored in silver and can be used to trade with some gear or something more special.

You cannot obtain this item through any tables or anywhere in the game in fact you are only rewarded with this Feather when you introduce a new character to the game meaning when your friend or anyone joins the game through your preference.

Now also there is no limit of level for this item meaning that if you are on level 1 you can still get rewarded with this item and there is also no limit of how much you can get this item as long as you bring players to the game you are going to get rewarded so it is a cool way to start off and get some worthy gear for you.

The amount of Silver Chocobo feathers that you get by introducing one player to the game is 10 ffxiv Silver Chocobo Feather. Now once you obtain this item how can you use it? Let’s read the next paragraph for that.

How to Get and Use Silver Chocobo Feather?

Now as a newbie in the realms of the final fantasy if you are rewarded with this item you are curious how to spend the silver Chocobo feather ffxiv that you are rewarded with is a little difficult at first but don’t worry this is why I have made this guide to help you in this matter.

Now you will be surprised to know that there is not much really that you can do with this thing because the best use of silver Chocobo feathers is to trade it with the Calamity Salvagers. Now what you are going to get in return is the gear or weapons the choice is yours to make in this.

The silver Chocobo feather gears or silvered weapons that you get by trading can be used in battles or you can spend the gear on your character.

Now the type of gear that you receive will be Idyllshire or ironworks they can be proved useful while attempting different jobs so make your selection wisely in this matter. Weapons can be used in defending or attacking your enemies.

Conclusion-Silver Chocobo Feather FFXIV

The FF XIV silver feathers are a great start for new players because it unlocks the opportunity of getting more items. You can get as much as you like to.

There is also one thing that I would like to mention which is based on numerous player reports is that you can also obtain the final fantasy 14 silver Chocobo feather items in two more ways the reason that I did not mention it in the first part is that it is not proved to be true so I am going to demonstrate these two methods here for you in case you want to try it.

One method is to buy a level booster from an online shop and the other method is to create a new character in a preferable world and then as you log in you get rewarded it is just like that a new player has logged in.

Once again we want to let you know that these methods are just rumors you can try them if you want to but the first method is fully legal and it is guaranteed that you are going to get rewarded with it.