Final fantasy is an old champ in the gaming community, especially in the multiplayer area. It always gives its players something unique to play with, and with the latest release of final fantasy yak milk ff14, that level of uniqueness has gone to a whole other level because of the new tasks and things that you can do in the game and a new set of instructions bunch of new quest and the fighting skills also gets better and better.

In simple words, it seems like that with every new release of the game, the developers are working hard to make it more exciting and adventurous than ever before, and they have done this thing with FFXIV with worlds getting bigger and new set of opportunities that makes it fun to explore the world.

Now in this bigger world, there are many items available which you can buy directly or earn them it’s your choice to make however it is not the case with people who are stuck in the middle of heavenward because they are forced to make their way out of this thing. Then they can achieve those items and also let’s not forget about FFXIV yak milk FFXIV farming lore (best way to farm lore FFXIV) the animals.

Now let’s talk about the item that we are here for, the YAK MILK FFXIV; before we go ahead, we first need to understand what the Yak Milk FFXIV is, its purpose, and then further on. So let’s Go to Final Fantasy XIV Guide.

What is Yak Milk IN FFXIV?

As you have probably understood by the name, it is a Yak Milk. Now the question that comes into your mind will be what it does?

So the Yak Milk is an item that you can drink, and it will boost your experience and points by 3% for straight 30 mins. You can use it multiple times, leading to the duration of the effect for up to 60mins.

Now, if you think that 3% is not that much and it is not going to make an impact remember that you can acquire it for 30 to 60mins which I can assure you will make a big impact on your points table compared to if you have none.

This is the benefit of this item now the question that remains is how do you acquire it well it is not easy.

How to Acquire Yak Milk IN FFXIV?

Getting the Yak Milk is not as easy as you thought it would be because the one legal way to get this milk is to reach the farming level of 51 Wooly Yak in a specific area known as the Coerthas Western highland situated in the ffxiv Twinpools.

If that gives you a relief that getting milk from the wooly yaks ffxiv would be a piece of cake or, in simple words, would be easy, well, it isn’t because the attrition ffxiv hq drop rate is 35.9%. With that said, it is still based on chances for you to get 1-4 Yak Milk. I think that it still is a pretty low percentage for acquiring this item considering its work.

However, it still is the quickest way to achieve this item, and when you are trying this method of getting the yak milk from ffxiv wooly yak, remember that it is based on your luck, so there is no guarantee in this that you are going to get rewarded. So I suggest that you don’t keep your hopes high up.

And if you are new to the world of final fantasy XIV, you cannot acquire this item because of its characteristics which say that it is a level 50 item. SO it would be better for you to look for other worthy items. If you don’t like this method of getting this item, then lucky for you, there is also another way of getting this item: Levequest. So let’s get to that.

Yak Milk Levequest Guide

In the game world, you can get different items in different ways, which is also the case with the final fantasy since it is also a game. Now to acquire Yak Milk through Levequest, the first thing you need is patience because it takes a long time and a long journey to travel, but it is full of fun so that you don’t get bored.

Levequest is a quest system in the game which, upon completion, can unlock you some worthy items to use; it can contain multiple items to be rewarded with, which in my opinion, is undoubtedly a good choice. Another good thing about this storm blood leve quest is that you can do them again, but you need to be careful because you have a restricted quota of 100, and these quests take 12 hours to be refreshed with new items.

There are many quests that can be taken, and all of them will reward you differently, so I am going to demonstrate that for you. The first quest from which I am going to start requires a level of 50 and is pronounced as the little orphan candy, and it contains six containers that can contain some worthy items which you can get by completing the quest.

The items it contains could be fire crystals (best way to farm crystals ffxiv ) or old-world fig, or it can be Yak Milk; all these items will be in multiple pieces, and you also have to remember that it is also based on luck which item that you can get by completing the quest another thing that has to be pointed out is based upon various reports on the internet it is believed that these quest rewards items are changed every hour, so it is good to check out if it’s true and if it is true then you are in luck.

With all that sorted out, we can proceed to another quest that contains a heavy chance of rewarding you with Yak Milk.

Levequest Level Required

  1. Confections of confession 50
  2. Little Orphan Candy 50
  3. Recipe for Disaster 52
  4. Persona Non-Gratin 52
  5. The Aroma of Faith 50
  6. Such a Butter Face 52
  7. Soups On 50
  8. The Next to Last Supper 50
  9. Muffin of the morn 52
  10. Loving that muffin Top 52
  11. Nostalgia through the Stomach 50
  12. No Margarine for Error 52

These are the quest that can help you get Yak Milk quickly upon completion, and once again, I would like to remind you that it can take some time, and it is also based on the chance like the previous method, but it is worth a try.

Now what to do if you don’t like any of these methods? Luckily I also have a small solution for this problem.

Alternative path

Well, if you are stuck between these two methods and cannot decide because of their way of working, the third method might be able to diverge your mind.

Still, if you happen to have the latest expansion, which is shadow bringers in this expansion, an NPC is selling the Yak Milk. He can be located in the area of Crystarium. He is known in the game by the name of Val.

Conclusion of Yak Milk FFXIV

There you go; these are the three legal methods from which you can get Yaks Milk. Although it is not easy to get, it can be helpful if you want to gain experience quickly and level up.

It can be very helpful even though it is based on chances, it still is a good thing, and the reason I call these legal methods is because of the various mods or cheats.

However, mods can help you certainly than these methods most quickly and easily; the problem is they can also corrupt your game, or sometimes they can even do harm to your console or Pc depending on which platform you are playing on and which is why I certainly don’t recommend that you install mods.