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Acceleration coupled with engine torque is considered the most significant aspect of vehicle speed. As you open the throttle, it provides the engine with both boost and power, however acceleration is what makes it fast. An increased acceleration means a faster car. The moment you completely boost the acceleration in a vehicle, chances are that you will damage your engine and reduce your speed since acceleration only provides the engine with limited performance boosts whenever it needs them. Currently, with the passage of time, there are numerous tools and equipment being manufactured that can be utilized to regulate your engine’s acceleration, NOS, torque, etc. These are called boost controllers, which modulate your vehicle’s output and enable it to perform better. There are various different kinds of boost controllers with each having its own features, making one different from another, so let’s examine some of those, in order for you to make up your mind whether to purchase one.

Award Model Price
best boost controller for twin turbo TurboSmart e-Boost2 Gauge/Controller CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
best boost controller for drag racing AEM Tru Boost Gauge/Controller CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
best boost controller for Sti Go Fast Bits G-Force II Boost Controller CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
best budget electronic boost controller Greddy Profec OLED Boost Controller CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
best budget boost controller Autometer Boost Gauge/Controller CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
best manual boost controller Vibrant Performance Manual Boost Controller CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews

Best Boost Controller Reviews

TurboSmart e-Boost2 Gauge/Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

TurboSmart e-Boost2 Gauge/Controller

best boost controller for twin turbo

Starting things off, here we got The TurboSmart e-Boost2, which is an excellent boost controller providing the driver full control and monitoring gauge readings in real-time, but it doesn’t stop here, it also monitors water spray, nitrogen injection warnings, and RPM readings which are very essential things. This powerful boost device delivers 6 stages of boost including Boost by RPM, Boost by gear, and some more, with over 60 PSI you can also select a different boost level for each individual gear. In addition, the e-Boost has a built-in safety feature to prevent motor damage when it is over boosted.

Talking about the design, the e-Boost2 resembles a gauge and is constructed of aluminum and contains a mini LCD that displays digital readings, a gauge meter, along with three physical buttons that you can use to control it. It is built without compromise and provides an easy-to-use interface for the user so it can be controlled easily, thanks to the built-in software that makes it just as effective in a passenger car as in a top-level race car, for which it was awarded in 2007. It comes with everything needed to install it in the car, including nut bolts and an instruction manual. If you have a regular car or a race car, or perhaps both, this is the all-in-one product for you.

AEM Tru Boost Gauge/Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

AEM Tru Boost Gauge/Controller

best boost controller for drag racing

The AEM Tru is another great Boost controller which provides excellent features and performance, however, it is only designed to use in race cars or competition cars. The AEM provides you with 3 boost modes, which are considered A mode, B Mode, and Scramble mode with up to 80 PSI. If you want a little boost or a low boost depending on the situation, you just need to set it up as Scramble mode and then select the boost option to activate it by pressing the button or you can use it as a temporary boost which only works for 5 to 10 seconds. The feature is helpful when crossing a car. The gauge also shows you units in three different modes which are BAR, KPA, and PA.

In essence, CAN high and low is what the AEM Tru Boost does, by allowing the gauge to show information like the Overboost settings, Current boost level, and maximum boost level, as well as whether you are driving in mode A or B all the information is given by the CAN. The Tru Boost X is thinner and more compact than its predecessor and has a larger LCD and a gauge that displays PSI depending on how much boost is selected. It comes with all the necessary items, including wires, nuts, bolts, and a boost control solenoid. Overall it is a great controller to be plugged in for your car.

Go Fast Bits G-Force II Boost Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Go Fast Bits G-Force II Boost Controller

best boost controller for Sti

The Go Fast Bits G- Force II Boost Controller uses a touch screen mechanism with physical buttons you can use the touch screen to navigate through different readings about the boost clocks and physical buttons allows you to set and control the boost clocks making it easier than other Boost Controllers also it has 6 different screen colors and you can choose between them to match the gauge color with your dashboard.

The G-Force II comes with a new closed-loop correction boost control strategy that can prevent different boost variations which can occur in shifting gears dropping RPM and atmospheric condition also it controls boost up to 50 PSI and like the TurboSmart e-Boost 2 it also supports 6 boost settings which can be easily modified. The G-Force II has improved the scramble boost feature now with auxiliary remote switching which means that scramble boost uses a dedicated preset so that all peak boost closed-loop controls can be used according to your need or you can lower or increase boost pressure all with a click of a button.

Greddy Profec OLED Boost Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Greddy Profec OLED Boost Controller

best budget electronic boost controller

Unlike other manual boost controllers the Greddy Profec is an electronic boost controller which makes it even more powerful thinner and easy to use and as the name implies OLED in it the Greddy Profec uses an OLED screen which displays all your information in a more organized way which consists of digital and bars graphs and you can navigate all the menus through a rotational dial and two physical buttons and talking about the design of the controller it is a square screen and has a default black tint around its corners with the buttons are covered with a silver and a blue tint which gives it a nice look and are mounted on the right side.

The Greddy Profec Uses the new mechanism of integrated pressure sensor which gives 300kpa a compact solenoid valve and a faster ECU processor unit which provides much quicker response time and much more stable boost curves. The Greddy Profec maintains all the popular features like the Low and High Modes, Scramble Boost Presets, Last boost display, and Peak-Hold recall. Now for safety features, it gives you warning alerts about different things and a safety limiter. The Greddy Profec is relatively easy to use thanks to its software you can easily understand everything that is on the screen.

Autometer Boost Gauge/Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Autometer Boost Gauge/Controller

best budget boost controller

The Autometer Boost Controller has two Boost Modes High and low both of these modes are customizable and can be activated by pushing the button whenever you want other modes to include Boost by RPM and Boost by Gear this allows your boost curve to be precisely at 500 RPM putting more power to the ground rather than spinning the wheels. You can also customize the boost levels for every gear giving you more power and control over your vehicle.

One-touch Gear capture allows you to detain every gear by pushing the button the way it works. You just simply need to drive in your chosen gear and press the capture button and It is that easy. The best thing about this booster is the Pro Control Output and Input. The Pro-Control output uses your boost measurements and automatically triggers the water and methanol injection, Intercooler sprayer at a certainly given boost pressure whether it is on high or low scale and the Pro Control Input will right away back boost the level according to wastegate spring pressure if there is any ground signal sent to it.

The Display of the Autometer Boost Controller Is highly compliant which can show you readings of the pressure in PSI, Bar, and kPa with the addition of real-time barometric compensation which can be turned off to show environmental and altitude changes. The gauge has blue lighting in it which makes it easier to be seen in dark lighting conditions or at night.

Vibrant Performance Manual Boost Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Vibrant Performance Manual Boost Controller

best manual boost controller

The Vibrant Performance boost controller is the most cost-effective Boost controller on this list. It is relatively cheap than its competitors and offers better value to money if you want to have more horsepower from the engine turbo. The vibrant performance manual boost controller has a very simple design and includes a low-pressure check Valve, Mounting Brackets, and Zipties. The only downside of this Boost Controller is that it will not be working well or compatible if you have a turbo system with a boost pressure regulator that is controlled by the OEM ECU and the reason for that is it is a very simple Boost Controller with a very simple design.

The working mechanism of the Vibrant Boost controller is completely different from other Boost controllers in this list. You may be wondering about the accessories that are included with it and that is because it is directly installed in the engine compartment and once it is correctly installed in your engine you just have to turn the knob according to your preference and completely forget about it. We recommend that you should get it installed by a good mechanic or if you try to install this by yourself there is a very high chance that you can damage your engine.

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Boost Controllers are excellent tools to extract out more power from your engine whenever you need it. These Boost controllers are used with turbo engines that are capable of outputting more power than usual but they need some tools in order to do that and Boost controllers are the perfect thing for it and that is why we have selected some good Boost Controllers for your engines but before you go ahead and purchase them you need to make sure that is not illegal in your country all countries have their own Laws and privileges. If you still can’t choose the best for your Car let us give you our opinion. In our opinion we would suggest you the TurboSmart e-Boost2 controller which comes with many features and has a good build in quality and also is budget friendly.