The first controller here is Nintendo manufactures the GameCube controller. The gaming console was launched on the 24th of September in 2001 and can be identified as the best controller for Smash Ultimate. It is modified in numerous ways because it was the successor of the Nintendo 64 controller, so it needs to be better than the previous one.

The typical design of the GameCube pro controller was replaced by a more unique and handlebar type of design. The modifications that were done in the controller include a new joystick on the left side of the controller, and the previous one was forced on the right-hand side. Nintendo replaced the C button with a C stick, and reintroducing the X and Y buttons last seen on the Super Nintendo controller was to be noticed.

Also, the hybrid analog triggers were put down instead of the shoulder buttons. A wireless variant of the weird GameCube controller was introduced in 2002 and was called WaveBird.

The GameCube controller came in various editions of itself. First, the standard edition of the best GameCube controller comes with different and interesting GameCube smash bros controllers such as "Indigo," "Jet Black," and "Platinum' colors which come with their respective colored-based console and they were also sold separately in different countries.

The GameCube controller also sold different colored controllers without their consoles which include "Spice" (Orange), "Indigo/Clear", "Emerald Blue," and "White." The last two were only being sold in Japan than in any other country.

Nintendo also released many limited editions of the GameCube controller, and they went viral since their release. They were released initially in Japan through Nintendo Club. The Nintendo smash controllers had a unique color scheme and a logo in their center.

The designs of these controllers included "Mario," "Luigi," "Wario," and also a "Club Nintendo" controller to end it, and you can purchase these controllers for 500 points. They also made a special "Mario" controller in limited quantity through European Stars Catalogue for 5000 points.

They made more GameCube consoles that had a matching controller. Colors released in Japan were "Starlight Gold', "Crystal White," "Symphonic Green," "Hanshin Tigers," "Gun dam Copper." The "Crystal White" and "Symphonic Green" were also released in Europe later. Overall it would be the best option to connect this controller while enjoying Smash Ultimate.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Money-back
  • None


The second controller is the Wired Fight Pad Pro manufactured by Performance Design Products (PDP). The company is a Nintendo verified one and is very famous for making high-end gaming components for different gaming consoles. Additionally, you can consider this controller to be the best controller for Smash Bros.

PDP released this controller on 23rd November in 2018, just before releasing the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game. It is designed with excellent aesthetics and uniqueness, which is undoubtedly inspired by the GameCube controller while playing with it sure makes you feel nostalgic. This controller is only designed for Nintendo Switch and is compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The fight pad controller situation is almost the same as the GameCube, and no changes are made to the controller. A slight difference is that the curved buttons you can find on the GameCube are replaced with some other buttons.

These shoulder buttons were not a major aspect in the Nintendo gaming, so removing them does not make a huge difference to the gaming experience of the controller. The super smash bros fight stick you all know on the controller is also there but with a twist. As it is in a mini size, they have given you a choice to remove it and have given you a change stick to us instead of it.

PDP also provides its controllers with various themes and designs. The PDP has included up to three initial variants based on "Mario," "Link," and "Pikachu," but by the time the company has launched many different controllers and themes. For example, Luigi and Princess Peach and have recently launched Yoshi and Sonic and two additional controllers.

The controllers that PDP has launched are purposefully designed to use with Nintendo Switch and are also compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The company also thought of the users' relaxation so that they have given a 10 foot USB cable, so there is a whole lot of wire to play. These controllers are officially licensed with Nintendo, so that there is no need for questioning on these controllers whatsoever.

  • Buttons work as intended
  • Comfortable to grip
  • affordable compared to a 1st party controller
  • Little bit Large


The third controller that is enlisted in this list for the best controllers. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the Joy-Con which Nintendo itself manufactures. These smash ultimate joy-con controllers are the primary options for playing the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

These smash bros ultimate joy-con controllers are based on two individual units that connect to each side of the Nintendo Switch console, but they can also be used by connecting the console with a wired connection and also wirelessly using Bluetooth. The Joy-Con was released on the 3rd of March in 2017.

This smash bros joy-con controller comes in many colors individually and separately, but today we are talking about the "neon green" and "neon pink" variants. The connectivity of the controller with the Nintendo Switch allows you to attach these two with rails, or you can divide these and play these with two players.

The Bluetooth installed in this controller is Bluetooth 3.0, which can be excellent for connecting the controller with the console wirelessly. The maximum number of players connected to a single console is up to eight players, and they can play multiplayer simultaneously. They also have one shoulder triggers each on both sides of the controllers.

Of course, they operate on batteries that can be charged. The batteries used in the Joy-Con controllers are 3.7 volts 525 mAh 1.9- watt-hour made with lithium-ion polymer, and also, these batteries cannot be removed from the controllers.

These batteries' life is also very sufficient, and you can operate your Nintendo Switch for almost 20 hours after complete charging as claimed by the manufacturer. In addition, Nintendo released an AA battery Joy-Con pack attachment which can be attached to the controller by sliding into it.

Moreover, the charging option of the controller is that you can charge them with the Nintendo Switch console. You have to attach them to the console with an accessory called the "charging grip" while charging, and it will also charge the controller.

The specific features of this controller include "Convex Analogue Sticks," "Player Identification," "Motion Sensor," "Gyro Sensor," "Multimedia Button," and in the last "NFC." Lastly, the dimensions of this controller are as follows: it is about 40mm in width, 102mm in height, 28mm in depth, and 52g in weight.

  • Official controllers for your Nintendo Switch.
  • Bright and colorful.
  • Servers as two controllers.
  • None


The fourth controller in this list to be the most compatible for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. This Nintendo Switch Pro controller for smash bros was launched as an alternative for the Joy-Con controller by Nintendo itself. The company announced this controller on the 26th of October in 2016 and was officially on the 3rd of March in 2017.

Many past record-breaking controllers inspire this switch pro controller. Some of them are Wii's Classic Controller Pro and GameCube and the wireless controller of Xbox, but its final design looks more like Xbox controller than any other controller mentioned before.

As it is an alternative to the Joy-Con controller, you can, as usual, sync up to 8 Pro controllers with your Nintendo Switch, but with the Nintendo Pro Controller, you get the option that this smash switch pro controller can also be paired or get connected with a PC and play PC games. You have to install the beta client that you can get anywhere.

The connectivity of this Nintendo switch pro smash controller is also interesting, and you can connect your controller with your Nintendo Switch or your Pc wirelessly or also with a wire. You are given Bluetooth support for a wireless connection, and the version of the Bluetooth is Bluetooth 3.0. You are given two interfaces for wire connection, one is of USB, and the other one is of USB C.

\ If talking about the themes of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, it is available in only one color that happens to be "black," but for their user preference, they have launched several special editions of this controller.

They have launched a "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" edition which has pink handles. Another one is the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" edition which has white handles, the third one is the "Splatoon 2" edition which has green color on the left handle, and a pink handle on the right handle, last but not the least is the "Monster Hunter Rise" edition having black with gold Magnamalo design imprinted on the controller.

Another special edition controller was only given to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament "Shuto Moriya" at EVO Japan 2020. The controller had the Super Smash Bros. logo imprinted on it. overall, this controller is the best Nintendo Switch controller for 'Smash Ultimate.'

  • Easy set-up
  • Excellent battery life
  • no left joystick drift
  • adult man could easily use it as well
  • Can't start up from sleep mode


The fifth here on the list for the most compatible controllers for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game comes the Wireless GameCube/ Grey manufactured by PowerA. This controller was just made to overcome and make the gaming experience of the original GameCube even better.

They have made some changes to the controller, making it more enhanced than ever, but it is a complete replica of the classic GameCube.This wireless smash controller also has the GameCube ABXY button layout; the chances are that they have made the A button, shoulder buttons, and D-pad larger than before, making it easy to operate on your hands.

They have also added a left shoulder button and some system buttons, so there are more options to operate the controller. This power wireless GameCube controller here is officially licensed from the Nintendo Company itself so that you can use the controller without any hesitation. PowerA is also very confident with its product that they give a guarantee of the product for 2 Year.

One of the main things that could hold back the gaming experience is the wire connection that held back the user in the past. To overcome this problem, PowerA has removed the wire and has given you a wire-free controller to enjoy your games with freedom. This GameCube controller completely operates wirelessly and has Bluetooth 5.0, one of its most advanced versions.

As the controller is completely wireless, it does work on batteries. The battery option given to you in this wireless Nintendo GameCube controller supports two AA batteries on the backside of the controller.

The wireless GameCube controller for the Nintendo Switch also has an indicator on its top, which indicates when the battery is low, which is quite helpful. As the battery is two AA alkaline batteries, you can your gaming experience for up to 30 hours without any problem. Overall this controller is Best Controller for Smash Ultimate.

  • Far superior d pad
  • All Switch Pro buttons and features
  • Great build quality for a third party
  • shoulder buttons are very small.


The sixth controller on the list for the most compatible pro controller for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game is the Nintendo Switch Wireless Horipad by a very trustworthy and experienced manufacturer, Hori. The company released Hori wireless GameCube controller just a while ago, on the 30th of October in 2020. No doubt, this controller is perfect and is also very light on your wallet as it can be bought for only 20 US dollars on Amazon.

The main reason for making this hori battle pad controller was to overcome the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It was the best and the most recommended controller to play Nintendo games. It was also a little bit expensive, and not everyone can buy that. So, to make user's life easier, Hori manufactured this controller and launched it into the world, and it also got successful.

It is a complete replica of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and works exactly like it, which is one reason to be people's choice. As it has so many pros, there are also some cons related to the controller made by the users of the controller.

No doubt it is an excellent controller, but some of the users have said that the controller's built quality is not very friendly or it could be better, but in my opinion, at this price, this is a great controller to buy and play your Nintendo Switch games.

Another con is that it has no rumble of any kind in the controller, which somewhat makes the game experience a little less entertaining, but apart from that, this controller is a high-end product from Hori's side.

As the controller is also wireless, you can freely play with this from a very comfortable place in a 32-foot radius and experience your game with full relaxation. For this comfort, Hori has added the latest version of Bluetooth connection very wisely.

The built of the controller is the same as the Nintendo Switch Pro controller; almost everything on the controller matches the Pro controller, from trigger buttons to the battery indicator light at the top of the controller.

The battery of this Hori wireless GameCube controller consists of a built-in lithium-ion battery which is also rechargeable, so now there is no need to be tensed about the battery. You have to charge it easily every time, and for this, the USB cable is sold separately by the company.

And the battery, once fully charged, will give you about 15 to 20 hours of unlimited gaming time. This controller also comes with two special editions of "Mario" and "Zelda." The Hori Company is also licensed from Nintendo, so there is no need for second thoughts while buying this controller. overall this is Smash Ultimate Best Controller.

  • Well built
  • Button press feels good
  • None


The seventh controller on this list for the most compatible pro controller for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game is the Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro which is also a product of Hori, and it is also an alternative for one of the famous controller of the Nintendo Switch that is the Joy-Con. Many of the Nintendo Switch users had complained that the Joy-Con is very small, and it is not very comfortable while many fast-paced games.

The manufacturers launched this controller just before releasing the Nintendo Switch Wireless Horipad on the 7th of September of 2020. The main idea for producing this controller was to make the users feel like they are playing just any normal Nintendo Switch, but it will be attached. This will provide the users more comfort playing, unlike playing on the Joy-Con. And the response Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro is getting from its users is very positive, and everyone loves it.

The build of this controller is just splendid, you will get more surface area than before and a very high large range for the analog sticks for its motion, and for the cherry on top, they have added a d-pad on the controller for their beloved users.

The thing that the manufacturers wanted to do was to "give players all of the ergonomic satisfaction of a larger controller, players all of the ergonomic satisfaction of a larger controller." More importantly, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is considered to work best on the Nintendo GameCube, works marvelously on this controller.

The design of the controller is very sleek and good, but all things have their pros and cons. In the Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro case, there are more pros than cons, but they are there.

Let us talk about the pros first as it has removed the problem of the small and uncomfortable layout of the Joy-Con as it poked many people and it is also more comfortable.

To make it more interesting and for the enthusiastic fans of Daemon X Machina, they have replaced the X button on the controller with their logo, and it makes the controller more interesting.

The "Assign" and "Turbo" buttons text style and color is the one thing which I think the users did not like. Apart from it, this controller tops in every way from the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

  • Quality-ensured
  • Top Games supportive
  • None


The eighth and the last controller in the list for the most compatible pro controller for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game is the Arcade Stick manufactured by 8bitdo. 8bitdo launched this controller on the 16th of November in 2020.

The Arcade Stick by the 8bitdo is a classic and affordable fighting stick manufactured for PC and Nintendo Switch. It is the successor of the N30 Arcade Stick, which could be connected to your PC, your Android devices, and mainly on your Nintendo Switch, and it could connect to your devices through Bluetooth.

But the 8bitdo Arcade Stick is slightly more advanced than its predecessor as it has more options than before, but it can be connected only to your PC and your Nintendo Switch and cannot be connected to any Android device.

To make it up to this holdback of the Arcade stick, they have added many new specifications to the Stick. It can be connected to your devices by two methods: connect it with the 2.4 GHz wireless adapter, and the second method is to connect the Arcade Stick through a Bluetooth connection. The build quality of the Arcade Stick, a product of 8bitdo, is very splendid.

The particular Joystick comprises the classic arcade-style unit consisting of a spherical "ball top" styled knob and eight functional units. The main eight buttons are red-colored are arranged in two rows with four buttons in a row.

Above the main buttons on the top right corner of the Arcade Stick are two programmable macro buttons which are labeled as "P1" and "P2". On the left top corner are two control knobs handling how the Stick will operate. The left knob turns on the Stick and puts it into Nintendo Switch or XI input mode.

The right knob determines if the Joystick is set on the left analog stick (LS), direction pad (DP), or left analog Stick (RS). A slider just below the knobs indicates whether the Joystick is on Bluetooth or is wirelessly connected to the 2.4 GHz USB receiver with a cable which's length is up to 10 feet long.

If you feel or have problems with the joystick's red main buttons, 8bitdo provides you with the option to remap according to your own needs.They have provided an 8bitdo Ultimate Software that you can operate just by plugging into your PC and using the Software, and then you can change your Arcade Stick's functions according to your desires and needs.

The company has claimed that you can e joy up to 40 hours of battery life once plugged into the 2.4 GHz connection, and you will get 30 hours of nonstop gaming if the Arcade Stick is connected to the Bluetooth connection.

  • Easy to mod
  • Excellent Battery life
  • None


The ninth and the second last controller in the list for the most compatible pro controller for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the controller made for the game itself officially by Nintendo. The controller is called the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate Edition by Nintendo. This controller was made because the hype that the game was getting was unexpected, and it was also blowing up records in the gaming industry, so this controller had to be made. And somewhat, this controller is by far the coolest and most beautiful controller on this list.

The officials released the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition on the 7th of December in 2018. Its build is somewhat almost the same as the Xbox controller, but some different specs are there on this controller. Straight away, when you look on to this controller for the first time, you will directly see a Super Smash Bros logo been imprinted onto the front of the controller, which gives it a premium special edition look on it.

So let us now talk about the built quality of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition controller. As it has all the specifications of the Joy-Con, but just in a more standard look, it is quite good than that. For example, the buttons on the controller are much larger than that of the Joy-Con ones and are very easy to hit while playing, which feels good while playing.

The addition of the d-pad in the controller is quite what everyone had on the Joy-Con. But let's face the truth, remove all the logos and designs, and you will have a standard Nintendo Switch Pro controller that you can buy at some low price and perform almost the same as this one.

The battery life of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition controller is up to almost 40 hours of nonstop gaming. You will also get a USB C-type cable which you can use for charging purposes.

One of this controller's main and coolest features is that you can also use amino on your Nintendo Switch by tapping them to the NFC touchpoint on the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. But fairly speaking, this controller took time to be made by the manufacturers and can be considered the best controller made for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game.

  • Best For Everyone
  • Price is fair for what you get
  • Absolutely None


The tenth and last controller in this list for the most compatible pro controller for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the 2 Pack GameCube controller manufactured by a company named SogYupK.

The manufacturers are third-party products producer and are not made by Nintendo but they are tried their level best to make an alternative GameCube-like controller which almost the same features and also very light on your wallet.

It is inspired by the Nintendo Switch GameCube controller and is only available in black color. This controller is compatible with Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube, which means you can also play or save or load or copy or delete GameCube game on Wii or GameCube that you have achieved by some hardships.

Now let us talk about the built and design of the SogYupK GameCube controller. As the Nintendo Switch GameCube inspires it, the design is almost the same. The buttons are also almost the same but still let me mention, it has an analog stick, A / B / X / Y buttons that are always the main buttons for every game for Nintendo Wii and GameCube are also there.

It also consists of a d-pad on the lower left side of the controller. The right and left shoulder trigger buttons are also been placed on this controller. An additional Z button has also been put into the controller on the shoulder for digital input. LED been placed there for power supply, number of players, and for low battery warning.

The controller is not wireless and for this action the company has said that this has the advantage that there will be no need to charge the controller many times.

They also said that it is time-saving because it will the time you waste for syncing the controller, you just plug it and play. Moreover, it can support working on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, and GameCube. In the end, it has a cable whose length is up to 6 feet.

  • Good ergonomic design
  • good size and grip
  • None