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A number of enhancements are being made in the gaming community that contribute to the development of the current level, and modded controllers are one of them. Modded controllers give users an advanced way to play games for a better gaming experience. The first-ever modded controller, which was released, was so-called Rapid-fire; after the initial launch, it immediately received praise over the globe, which helped it create a significant demand for these controllers. Developers soon began enhancing the controllers so that users could enjoy even better experiences after the launch.

Today, there are even more modded controllers designed to fit the needs of users across various platforms. Unlike a normal controller, a modded controller contains several cool things, and each one has different functionality compared to the other. The user has complete control over all competitive games without altering the game code. Besides having additional buttons, it has various more features that make it different from a normal controller.

There are various types of different modded controllers made for PS4 by other manufacturers, with each having its additional features and functions; if you are unsure of which one would be the best compatible controller for you, then look no further, here we are figuring out some of the Best modded PS4 controllers manufactured by different organizations which would help you find a perfect match for you.

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Best Modded PS4 Controller Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best Controller For PS4 Standard Black PS4 PRO Standard Black PS4 PRO See On Amazon
Best Overall PS4 Controller Smart Chrome Gold Face PS4 PRO Modded Controller Smart Chrome Gold Face PS4 PRO Modded Controller See On Amazon
Best PS4 Controller for Gamers Black/Gold PS4 PRO Smart Rapid Fire Modded Controller Black/Gold PS4 PRO Smart Rapid Fire Modded Controller See On Amazon
Best Budget Friendly Smart Black/Gold PS4 PRO Modded Controller for Rapid Fire FPS MOD Pack Smart Black/Gold PS4 PRO Modded Controller for Rapid Fire FPS MOD Pack See On Amazon
Best of Gaming Experience Worldwide ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller - PlayStation 4 ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller - PlayStation 4 See On Amazon
Best Runer UP Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4 Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4 See On Amazon
Best Wireless Modded PS4 Controller Chrome Red wireless Chrome Red wireless See On Amazon

Best Modded PS4 Controller At a Glance:

Best Modded PS4 Controller Reviews

Standard Black PS4 PRO (Image credit: Amazon)

Standard Black PS4 PRO

Best Controller For PS4

The standard Black PS4 PRO Controller looks like any other ordinary PS4 controller, but it has a few tweaks and additional settings that the standard controller lacks, which is why it is called a Modded Controller. Any other entity does not manufacture the controller; it’s the original PS4 controller that has been modified and tweaked, so you never have to worry about its performance or quality. Continuing with our discussion of mods, let’s examine how they work and what they offer.

As such, the first and most important modification to this best modded ps4 controller for apex legends enables you to remotely control your controller via your phone using both iOS or Android systems. This can be done by downloading an application on your phone called MZ TITAN. This app leads you to instantly control and adjust your mods or other various settings, like turning off your controller just in case you forgot to do so. In order to make this work, you need to pair your phone with the controller using Bluetooth, which is the easiest way to make it work.

With regard to the next mod, it features a brand new chip called Titan, which permits these mods to operate. Utilizing the chip and your phone allows you to adjust quickly and control the controller at your convenience. By simply purchasing any controller with a titan chip in it, as this particular one comes with, you can control it remotely using your smartphone.

When playing PlayStation, you may have used some button combinations and waited for the green LED to appear on the controller; instead, with this one, everything can be customized in just a few seconds using the MZ titan app. It certainly makes things easier.

Let’s take a glance at the pre-installed mods included with the controller that does make it worthwhile. The mods include FPS MOD PACK, FIRST PERSON SHOOTER PACK, INCLUDING RAPID FIRE, BURST FIRE, DROP SHOT, AKIMBO, JUMP SHOT, AUTO SPRINT, AUTO SCOPE, QUICK SCOPE, and Auto Hold Breath; all these mods enhance the users gaming experience. There are numerous other mods you can get with this controller since it is fully customizable. By enabling a new mod in Mod Marketplace, you can switch between them quickly and conveniently. You must buy each mod and add it to your profile first to ensure you can use it without any qualms.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about reliability since it comes with a one-year warranty on the MOD Chip and is undetectable on PlayStation networks. There are no cables or wires included with the controller, and it comes with just the instructions manual, so it is also easy to attach.

Smart Chrome Gold Face PS4 PRO Modded Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Smart Chrome Gold Face PS4 PRO Modded Controller

Best Overall PS4 Controller

Smart Chrome Gold Ps4 Pro. Obviously from the name and the style, the controller has an aesthetically pleasing design, but we will discuss that later, for now, we will take one quick glance at the mods of the controller and how they differ from those on the original. In terms of general functionality, both Standard Black and Smart Chrome controllers accomplish the same thing, but they differ in design. Let’s first examine these differences.

While comparing both of these controllers, you will discover a big difference in the appearance, since the Standard Black Pro is pretty basic, while the Chrome Gold Face has a glossy golden design that adds to the premium feel. Furthermore, it is also available in a variety of colors that you can choose from depending on which one you prefer. In addition to the price difference, this best modded ps4 controller for warzone will cost you a little more than the standard controller.

Since both controllers are manufactured by the same company, MODDEDZONE, so they both have the same functionality and buttons layout, whereas the number of mods on the controllers are also same: for example, FPS MODPACK, FPSPACK, and you can also buy new ones through the mod market with the same app named MZ TiTan, where each mod consists of Two dollars. Additionally, if buying one of these, make sure to remember that they are only compatible with first person shooting games, or maybe some other gaming genres, but not all.

The controller is no longer indiscernible on PlayStation network, and it remains covered by the same warranty of one year as the Standard Black. Besides the color differences, the controller does not differ in any other way so you can choose either a stylish or a simple one. It’s up to you but here is a reminder that this controller is a little costy.

Black/Gold PS4 PRO Smart Rapid Fire Modded Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Black/Gold PS4 PRO Smart Rapid Fire Modded Controller

Best PS4 Controller for Gamers

In addition to the previous two, the Black/Gold PS4 Pro controller is also Modded by MODDEDZONE, so it features the same components and functions. Here again, the controller is different only in the color options, instead of changing the entire paint job, they have changed the colors of the buttons only. In addition to this version of the controller, there are other versions with a different color scheme and a different button layout, based on what the user needs.

Besides the bottom buttons, which are used to turn mods on, there are no additional features on the controller, the controller has the same functionality and uses the same mechanism like the previous controller, so there are no new things that you must learn, ultimately it houses the same Battery and gaming controls. Additionally, you can download mods for your controller and control it with your PC. Several users have given the controller good reviews, making the purchase worthwhile.

In case you are a little confused, know that this best modded ps4 controller aimbot is the cheapest of all of these controllers because you won’t get any fancy paint on it instead, you only get a few minor changes, and it just aims to save you some cash. Therefore, if you’re short on cash, this controller will do the job for you.

Smart Black/Gold PS4 PRO Modded Controller for Rapid Fire FPS MOD Pack (Image credit: Amazon)

Smart Black/Gold PS4 PRO Modded Controller for Rapid Fire FPS MOD Pack

Best Budget Friendly

As the name implies, the Smart Black/Gold variant of the controller won’t come in any fancy colors, but instead has a black overall color and simple gold buttons to make it look more appealing, and even the thumb sticks are black since the only purpose of this controller is to save you money instead of going for the previous version.

As for the smart black/gold, this model is also mutilated by the MODDEDZONE brand, featuring the same features and modifications as the previous models. Speaking of the brand, let’s take a quick look at what MODDEDZONE officially entails, the manufacturer buys original controllers of XBOX and PlayStations and modifies them by adding a custom Mod chip, which then allows you to remotely control the controller through your phone. In addition to the chip, there are a few buttons added to enable the mods. In addition, the controller is colored to make it look more modified. In case of dissatisfaction with the product, you will no longer have to be concerned about the quality of the controller.

Apparently, the manufacturers have installed a lithium ion battery on the device and have enabled the touchpad to ensure lasting performance. Additionally, it supports the entire collection of first-person shooting games for PS4. One of the biggest benefits of using this modded controller is that no one can tell if you are operating it, since it is undetectable. Another plus is that it has a solid battery life and does not drain quickly and has customizable controls. Despite its good rating, this controller can be trusted with long-term use.

ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller - PlayStation 4 (Image credit: Amazon)

ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller - PlayStation 4

Best of Gaming Experience Worldwide

It is clear that ASTRO’s Gaming C40 TR controller is a completely different product than previous controllers, largely because the company manufactures its own controllers and offers quality design and hardware, as it does with all ASTRO’s controllers. With its built quality and design, it is so much more durable than other controllers that it is resistant to all types of environments and can withstand all sorts of handling. With the entire TR line of ASTRO controllers, you can use them for a much longer period of time since they are made with this material.

One of the most interesting and handy things about this C40 TR is its rear bottom button mechanics, which is quite useful in FPS games. By pressing these buttons, various functions can be launched, and you can select different functions for each button based on your own preferences. In addition, you can switch between the analog stick and the d-pad quickly and easily on the C40 TR, so you can get extra performance during gameplay, depending on whether you set up the controller parallel or offset. As for optimizations, the controller gives you a number of services in terms of gaming, like the ability to quickly activate trigger stop, this adjusts the distance the trigger throw is, so that when playing most FPS games, you’re able to have better hair trigger performance.

In order to get the most out of your C40 TR, you need a good sound system. This C40 TR is equipped with an amazing sound system that delivers you the highest quality audio as well as voice chat capabilities. There are two options for sound on the C40 TR. The first option includes a 3.5mm jack that is compatible with any gaming headset or wireless handsfree in addition to the wireless mode that allows you to use any previous wireless headset with the controller without sacrificing quality. What more can you ask for in a gaming controller?

This best modded ps4 controller for cod weighs around 10.9 ounces which is fairly light and your hands would not get tired of holding it for hours, thanks to its design and durability. In order to operate this controller you will have to use one lithium polymer battery that comes in the box so you can just place that in there and you’ll be good to run. Furthermore, the battery provides you with over 12 hours of playtime which is impressive; regarding the box, it does not come with any special items, instead it comes with a specification sheet and a user manual. All in all, it’s the best game controller.

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4 (Image credit: Amazon)

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

Best Runer UP

Collective minds Strike pack is the ideal mod for the PS4 controller because it provides you with the ultimate control over your buttons and your whole modded ps4 controller with paddles. There are two options included in the mod. One is the usual 2 button strike pack, and the other is the 4 button eliminator pack. Both come at a different price and both have their differences. Hence, let us discuss them.

First, let’s consider the second option, since it has more features than the first one. For convenience, it comes with a high performance grip and controller transferability. There are four HYPER RESPONSE BUTTONS, as well as CUSTOMIZABLE DIGITAL MODS and FULL MAPPARING OF ALL 17 FUNCTIONS.

The four button eliminator pack is constructed completely differently than the two button product in both look and design, and no one will be able to tell that they are the same product. The four button is more comfortable to hold in hand because it resembles a controller but with reversed bottoms or fingers so it fits perfectly in your hands, whereas the 2 button strike pack is quite different since it looks nothing like any of them while being comfortable to use on its own. Now apart from design the two button strike pack also had some amazing features which we will be considering now.

Thus, remapping your two button strike pack is easy, anywhere just through the software that is already available and you don’t require a system to do it. However the two button strike pack is easy to operate, yet it does not offer users much ease as the competitors, it is tough to run a game with only having two buttons, as opposed to the four button eliminator, which has more options. The user can ultimately choose which controller to select depending on which game he wants to run.

Chrome Red wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Chrome Red wireless

Best Wireless Modded PS4 Controller

Standard controllers are very great in terms of performance but the one thing that they lack is design and that is why other companies like to offer their modded version of them that have stylish skins on top of them. This particular controller from piranha performance comes with a different set of styles and colors. The color variety this company offers on their controller is nowhere to be found elsewhere and you can choose between hundreds of different combinations and select which one you like the most for yourself.

One common question when buying a custom controller is of quality and that is why this company always uses brand new high-quality controllers and put their skins on top of it to make it look extra cool and stand out from others and there is positive rating feedback from thousands of their customers so you can already guess how much good their controllers are. These controllers don’t come from China or any other country they are made and assembled only in the USA. The controller is very lightweight by weighing only 8 ounces which makes it easy to carry for prolonged gaming sessions. Speaking of prolonged gaming sessions when you hold the controller for a long time it starts to get sweaty due to your hands which is why this company has also used their high-quality skins which don’t get rubbed away easily.

This best wireless modded ps4 controller also comes in a nice package for its safety so that it also doesn’t get damaged on the way to its users. Overall this controller is truly impressive in its looks. You also have some country flags options to choose from and the build quality of this controller is also great.

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