Best Motherboard for i5 3570K

Back in 2012, when Intel announced the Intel Core I series 3rd generation of processor, it created a massive deal for all of the PC customers and its market because, at that time, there was no other CPU that could match the level of its performance, so it dominated the need for an entire year until the 4th gen processors were unveiled and so on.

AMD was offering more cores with their FX series processors to compete with the I series CPUs from Intel, but they also could not beat it. They were expensive, too, which ultimately made the I5 3570K the best CPU for gaming and productivity at that time. It defended its title of best CPU for the next 2 to 3 years until the processors became more efficient and powerful than AMD and Intel.

Some people are still using the I5 3570 on their PC for their daily work because it can still handle most of the basic stuff and tasks. In terms of gaming, it’s clear that it has fallen behind by a lot, but it can still run the AAA titles of 2018 just fine without bottlenecking the other components.

The I5 3570K is now a much cheaper CPU. Unlike today’s processors, it does not need a high-end motherboard that can run it at its full potential, which is a great thing because now we don’t have to spend more money to utilize this CPU as the older and standard motherboards fully can handle this CPU just fine.

However, some high-end motherboards were still released that offered more features and an overall enhancement to your PC and other components.

So in this article, we will take a look at the Best Motherboard for i5 3570K, which can run it at its full potential.

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Best Motherboard for i5 3570K Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best i5 3570k motherboard for overclocking ASUS Prime Z390-A ASUS Prime Z390-A See On Amazon
Best Enthusiast Motherboard for I5 3570K Gigabyte LGA-1190 Gigabyte LGA-1190 See On Amazon
Best Intel Core i5 3570k Supported Motherboard Gigabyte B365M DS3H Gigabyte B365M DS3H See On Amazon
Best Gaming Motherboard for I5 3570K MSI X99S Gaming 7 MSI X99S Gaming 7 See On Amazon
Best Flagship Motherboard for Core i5 3rd Generation ASUS X99-A II ASUS X99-A II See On Amazon

Best Motherboard for i5 3570K At a Glance:

Best Motherboard for i5 3570K Reviews

ASUS Prime Z390-A (Image credit: Amazon)

ASUS Prime Z390-A

Best i5 3570k motherboard for overclocking

ASUS is considered a perfect brand in gaming because it is an old company and many people are familiar with it. Its products provide excellent performance and money value with reliability.

The ASUS Prime Z390-A is an excellent powerful motherboard for intel core i5 3570k that supports the latest features and has a great design. So unlike past Motherboard, which usually comes in green color, this motherboard i5 3570k has an overall black look that matches the currently released motherboards on the market.

Not only that the Motherboard does have solid build quality, but it uses high-quality capacitors on it, which ensures a longer life span and better handling of performance when it’s working under load.

However, a motherboard is not all about having good looks. Its hardware capabilities should be good enough to buy it, so ASUS has given the best hardware features and designed this i5 3570 motherboard.

So this Motherboard for i5 3570 can easily handle the I5 3570 and support processors above the newer generation. You have four memory slots on the Motherboard with the Dual Channel support, and you can install a total of 32GB of RAM in this intel i5 3570k compatible motherboard of NON-ECC.

So far, the processor and memory support are great with this best motherboard for i5 3570, and the graphic card support is just as good as the rest of it with 2 PCI-E gen 30 slots that also enable NVidia SLI and AMD CrossFireX availability so you can easily enjoy the highest performance of your GPU.

Gigabyte LGA-1190 (Image credit: Amazon)

Gigabyte LGA-1190

Best Enthusiast Motherboard for I5 3570K

There has not been another brand that can nail down the design department of their products better than Gigabyte, and with their Aorus series, they have taken that design level much further.

Gigabyte makes some of the best-looking products out there, but it also blends that design with a great set of hardware to run that product much faster, which is why the Gigabyte LGA-1190 is an excellent piece of hardware for you to be considered for the i5 3570.

Starting with the design, as I have previously mentioned that all previous Best Motherboard for i5 3570K used to come with green coloured texture.

The Gigabyte gave the Motherboard a whole new look with red and black colour, which was pretty revolutionary. A heat sink is also mounted on top of the chipset to run it cool under heavy loads.

One of the problems with the standard Motherboard was that they don’t offer much compatibility. Still, with this intel i5 3570 motherboards, you can easily upgrade to another processor because it does support that.

Unfortunately, this i5 3570 compatible motherboard comes in a small form factor which enables you to use it in an even smaller version of desktops, but that means less availability of ports which is why there are 2 Slots for memory module available with this i5 3570 best motherboard which can handle 16GB of DDR3 RAM easily at a max speed of 3200MHz.

There is also one slot for graphic cards, but it is a PCI-E gen 3.0 x16 slot, so that it won’t slow down your graphic card.

Gigabyte B365M DS3H (Image credit: Amazon)

Gigabyte B365M DS3H

Best Intel Core i5 3570k Supported Motherboard

The third option for the Core I5 3570 is also from Gigabyte, which is the B365M DS3H. So in case you don’t like the previous product from the company, then this is the full-sized version, but unfortunately, it does not offer some of the high-end features which don’t matter mostly but are good to have in case you ever need them.

Starting with the design because it is the first thing you look at, the Motherboard does come in a modern look with its black-coloured texture and white outlining, making it look stylish and aggressive. It does not have a large-sized heat sink on the chipset because it uses a small yet more effective one.

The Gigabyte B365M DS3H is a great motherboard with no compatibility issues as the Motherboard can easily handle newer generations of processors as well, and not only that, it also supports the ore I7 series processors.

Being a normal-sized motherboard, it gives you the standard 4 number of memory slots, which lets you plug in a max RAM of 32GB.

They are dual channel and support NON-ECC memory type, but the only thing it lacks is the faster RAM speed because it can only handle a max speed of 2666MHz anything above will limit the RAM to this speed. Apart from this little downside, the Motherboard is all great.

It gives you the 2 PCI-E slots, High-quality audio capacitors, and the support for Bluetooth.

MSI X99S Gaming 7 (Image credit: Amazon)

MSI X99S Gaming 7

Best Gaming Motherboard for I5 3570K

The best performing motherboard for the I5 3570K is certainly the MSI X99S gaming. MSI has also been a trusted brand in the gaming and esports community for better product quality, specifications, and good prices.

Combine all that, and it’s a very good deal for a customer to take. Due to its better performance, this i5 3570-supported Motherboard from MSI had also won numerous awards back when released, and it is made for users who demand the best performance out of their PCs.

The first thing that should note is that it is not a small or normal-sized motherboard, and it is a full-sized motherboard, so you have to have a large case to fit this best Motherboard for the i5 3rd generation, whereas for the aesthetics, MSI has also used the black and red combination of color on the Motherboard.

This Best Motherboard for i5 3570K can support Intel i3, I5, and Core I7 series processors very well without upgrading anything except for the bios for random error solving. If you wish to install many RAM modules on your PC, here is your chance because this 3570k Motherboard gives eight slots for RAM management, which lets you install 64GB of total memory with quad-channel support to increase the RAM and performance.

There are 4 PCI-E x16 slots instead of only two, so you also have the NVidia SLI and AMD CrossFireX support. This i5 3570k compatible Motherboard is a complete all-in-one package for users who demand extreme performance.

ASUS X99-A II (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Flagship Motherboard for Core i5 3rd Generation

With all the high-tech and expensive motherboards out of the way, it leaves us with one last option of going with the best budget-friendly Motherboard that can still easily handle the 3570K processor with ease without downgrading its performance.

AS I mentioned earlier that ASUS is a very good brand in terms of reliability, and the X99-A II fulfills that promise exceptionally with some bonus features.

The Motherboard easily handles the k series processors, and even with its overclocking capabilities, it still does not underpower the processor.

The memory management of this intel core i5 3570 processor compatible Motherboard is a step above all other motherboards because his Motherboard uses DDR4 memory type, which is faster and efficient with eight quad-channel enabled slots.

The BIOS of this Motherboard is very easy to operate even for a normal person with its graphical UEFI interface. Overall this Motherboard is the best budget-friendly for the Intel Core i5 3570K.

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