Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by a company called Mojang. Minecraft pc game is developed by Markus Alexej Persson, also known as “NOTCH” in the programming and designing world. He is also the founder of Mojang, established in 2009. Minecraft games online are firstly created in the JAVA programming language.

Minecraft app was officially announced on the 18th of November 2011, but the company firstly released it in 2009 for different test versions as a paid public alpha for personal computers.

And since then, Minecraft has been the best-selling video game of all time, with over 126 Million monthly active users in 2021, and more than 200 million copies of Real Minecraft have been sold to date.

Google Minecraft game itself is a blocky and 3D world with infinite terrain where you may find and extract raw materials and minerals, and one could crafts tools and make things out of earthworks such as soil or unformed rocks.

There are several Minecraft game modes a person can play according to his/her choice. Minecraft is a survival game, the one that survives the longest wins. You can fight computer-controlled mobs (short for mobile), or you could compete or cooperate with other players to enhance your gameplay and to enjoy more.

Talking more about What to build in Minecraft? It has a survival mode, in which players acquire resources from the game to build a world of their own and maintain the health of their character.

How many game modes are in Minecraft? It has also achieved many awards in its 10 years of life. Creative Minecraft was awarded for one of the greatest video games of all time. In 2014, Mojang and Minecraft were purchased by Microsoft for US $2.5 Billion. Several new versions of this game have also been introduced into the market, such as Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

Clay Minecraft

Finding Minecraft Clay is not a difficult task to do. Clay In Minecraft can be found in many ordinary places, but we will come to that later in the article. First of all, what is clay? Clay is found to be of a bluish-white color block in Minecraft. In-game, clay is used to make a few blocks, and bricks are used in crafts and tools.

How to get clay in Minecraft

Clay can be easily found in the village, especially in wet and earthy conditions in the game. Where to find clay in Minecraft? You will find clay in rivers, seas, swamps, lakes, or ponds. Clay can also be found in villages in savannas, deserts, or plains outside the mason’s house. Minecraft finds clay can be very interesting as the player have to explore new things to find the required clay or any other something.

In the Java edition, some villagers give free clay to the players with the “Hero of the village” achievement in the Clay in Minecraft game. This award is given to a player who has shielded the villagers from pillagers, raids and is considered their hero.


There are many things clay is used to build or shape. How to make bricks in Minecraft? The most common use of clay in Minecraft is that they are smelted in Clay bricks which afterward are shaped into brick blocks or flower pots in the game.

As they are found in abundance in watery places while extracted, players should and must equip a door to form an air pocket underwater. This (Minecraft Building Blocks) will help the player underwater to remain in there for a long time as there will be no need to come up to the shore for a breath, and doing this will also fasten the speed of the extracting process of clay because mining speed underwater is lessened than the average speed.

Chiseled stone bricks are also a nice thing to make your model in the game look artistic. As clay can be put into any form, it is used to make very artistic and nice-looking structures and add definition to them.

Clay can also be stained or dyed in the game, and ironically, it only requires two ingredients that are hardened clay and dye, on the player’s choice. Strained clay is also used to add artistic touch and colors to the structures and builds, which make it splendid to be looked at.

Terracotta Minecraft

Glazed Terracotta is an arrival in the Minecraft world added in version 1.12. Terracotta is the new game given to hardened clay. Glazed Terracotta comes in sixteen different kinds. Each one is connected to a unique and exciting culture. Having other dyes and patterns makes it more exciting for the users to consume.

Each category has its history behind it. The addition of the Glazed Terracotta Minecraft is such an unprecedented move to make the users still devoted and interested in and in the game. If looked carefully into the patterns of this Terracotta make you excited, and you will be willing to know about the history and relativity of these patterns.


As terracotta is still a new thing in the game, it is not used at its level best and not up to its potential. Although, the glazed version of terracotta can be a masterpiece for decoration purposes. How to craft glazed terracotta? Crafting a terracotta or its glazed version is not such a difficult task. You must follow some simple steps to make these beautiful blocks.

Glazed terracotta Pattern? First, you happen to own some clay, and if you don’t have it, the way of finding it is given above in the article. After seeing the clay, I mine it by using a regular shovel. This will provide you with four clay balls, and then putting the four balls into the crafting grid will give you a clay block. After conceiving the clay block, smelt it in the furnace, the product will be a plain terracotta of brown color.

Now, if one wants to get the terracotta color variants of this terracotta, eight terracotta blocks will be required in the crafting grid, along with the dye of your choice in the middle. The product will be eight terracotta of the shade of color in the crafting grid.

You have the choice to do work with the dyed terracotta, but if you want one step more, you can further craft or make glazed terracotta. It is also a simple thing to do; once you have extracted the dyed terracotta, placed it again in the durance, and smelt it. It will give you a glazed version of the dyed terracotta with a unique and magnificent pattern copied on it.

How To make terracotta in Minecraft

If you have not been able to craft or make terracotta, it is not even a problem because there are tons of places where you can find terracotta easily. You have to visit some places and do some work to find it and also its glazed variants.

You can trade the terracotta with a mason villager in a village until they have reached the Expert level. This will give you a random color-glazed terracotta. But there are some drawbacks; also, the trade is slightly expensive. You will get a glazed terracotta for one emerald; it is also the fastest way to get a glazed terracotta as it is costly.

If by chance, your luck is in a good mood today and you find a Badland biome, you will not have to go anywhere else to find the required terracotta because it is filled with endless terracotta. The lines of different colors you see on the hills and mountains of badlands are colored variants of glazed terracotta. So if you happen to stop by a badland biome, spare some time and collect as much terracotta as you can fit.

There are also some significant places where you can find some required terracotta; the places are given below:

  1. DESERT VILLAGES: Here, you can find uncolored and green terracotta. And the glazed version of terracotta found here is white, lime, blue, and light.
  2. PLAIN VILLAGES: Here, you will find white terracotta and some uncolored variants inside Mason’s house.
  3. SAVANNA VILLAGES: Here, you will find yellow, orange, red, and some uncolored terracotta; meanwhile, glazed terracotta found here are of orange and yellow color.
  4. DESERT PYRAMIDS: Here, only blue and orange terracotta are found.
  5. UNDERWATER RUINS: Here, the terracotta found are of light blue color, and glazed terracotta is of purple color.