1- Metro 2033


Metro Last Light is no different from Metro 2033; all the game mechanics are very same, and the story is also similar, which includes the nuclear war which was held in Moscow in 2033, and the player starts his story underground in the tunnel, the slighter difference between 2033 and metro redux last light is the improvement in a bit of game mechanics.

The graphic’s so the players can improve quality in-game and as much as they want; we can also say that metro redux 2033 added new weapons and enemies in Last Light.


You are a member of a group of soldiers, and you start to play in the first-person perspective. Your task is to kill the enemy with different weapons. You have many options to kill the enemy, you can kill him invisibly, you can also fight 1v1, which may also cause damage to you.

Therefore, when you start arguing, it depends on how you want to fight the enemy; your gun has limited ammunition, so whenever you kill an enemy, you can steal the gun from their body; the gameplay is for everyone They are all simple and similar.


While playing the game, you get into so many places which requires a mask, like in Games metro exodus station some areas are covered by nuclear radiation in which if you don’t wear a show, you start to get damaged, and your health start to decrease by the passing of time, so if you need to be alive, you should continuously replace your mask whenever you get damage, or you are in the radiation zone.


There are 3 difficulty levels in the Metro Video Game Series. you can play with; it depends on you that how you would like to play the game in the accessible mode; you will get Easy missions and enemies as similar in Normal and hard mode you will face more difficulties and much stronger enemies.


When you start to cross the missions slowly, your enemies get more powerful than they are, and you need to kill them while upgrading your weapons; you get access to new and more powerful weapons when you are far from the start. You face many situations in which you save yourself or the other player; the choice depends on you, which makes the game more intense.


You also have access to the in metro games in order to play currency, which let you buy ammunition for your guns and more ingredients; you earn it by killing and doing in-game missions, now it depends on you how you utilize the currency; the central issue is you can’t buy the in-game currency with your real money, so it creates more suspense in-game.


This Best game was released back in 2010, so it doesn’t need any high-end build. You can easily run it on your current specs, anyway, you can see the system requirement’s below.


Metro 2033 was released on several platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Linux, Nintendo switch, and Stadia.

2- Metro Last Light


Metro Last Light is no different from Metro 2033; all game mechanics are very similar, and the story is very similar, including the 2033 Moscow nuclear war. The player begins his story in an underground tunnel. In some games, there are subtle differences between Metro 2033 and Last Light. The mechanism has been improved. The graphics allow players to improve the quality of the game and enjoy the Redux metro games in order (What is the chronological order of the Metro games?) story; we can also say that metro redux has added new weapons and enemies in Last Light.


Which metro game should I play first? As I have mentioned, the game is similar to its first part, so it’s also a first-person perspective game, and similarly, you have the same game mechanics, just an addition of new missions, planes, and weapons.

You have to do missions while taking fights with horror creatures and soldiers; you may face powerful enemies and monsters. You have a little different weapon than in 2033, but the rest of the gameplay is similar.


When Metro Last Light was released, there were rumors that it will be released with multiplayer mode, but that was said to be dropped later; after the release, some rumors were still coming to have multiplayer added in the future, but that was also dropped. The developers said that they were focusing more on single-player (FPP).


There are more additional weapons in Last Light; if we compare it from the last part, the developer’s added some of the natural weapons and some of the fictional weapons. They also added a flashlight and lighter for the stunnel’s dark atmosphere so you can get a better experience in-game.


In Metro 2033, Last Light, and Redux, there were some phases where the quality was too bad. Many players complained about that, so in Metro Last Light, the developer added much clear graphics and better quality for smooth gameplay and experience.


The currency method is still the same in Metro Gaming Last Light; you can use the currency to purchase the ammo or any other equipment; instead, it is all the same.


If we talk about the difficulties, some newly added soldiers with better weapons and some more horror creatures make your game a little complicated. Still, you will get the best experience indeed.


If you are looking to download the game, you should be aware of the requirements that you should match you need 20 GB of free space in your system with at least 2 GB memory and 512 MB graphics card; I will list down the complete requirements so have a look at that.


Metro Last Light was released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, Play station 4, Nintendo switch, and Stadia. The developers also launched it on Play Station 3.