A console user always praises how easy it is to play games with a controller and they are certainly right because of several reasons and advantages that they provide over keyboards for PCs. Modern consoles like PS4 and PS5 require no wired connection to the console because they are always connected wirelessly with Bluetooth Microsoft has also implemented this technology with their gaming consoles called XBOX series. You can then use the controller in any comfortable position you like and then easily play with it like playing games even when you are lying on the couch. Another great advantage of a controller over the keyboard is that you don’t have to remember tons of buttons for different controls and actions. It is also very easy to hold the controller with one hand without getting tired.

Whereas if you take a look at the keyboard there are certainly new and modern RGB mechanical keyboards that can be a lot of fun to play with but they still don’t provide the level of comfort that these controllers do. Just like the controller has advantages the keyboard also does have different advantages over the controller like if you want to type anything you can just type the letter on your keyboard and due to their bigger size the key combinations are very easy to remember. But no matter what you do the controllers and keyboards cant be like each other but thanks to the extensive range of accessibility that PCs offer over consoles we can use the controllers with our PCs by using some alternative methods that can help you in connecting XBOX 360 controller to your PC Without Receiver.

Methods of How to connect XBOX 360 Controller To PC Without Reciever:

Connecting With Wire:

The easiest yet familiar way of connecting a controller is by connecting wires. This is the easiest way and requires no additional steps to be taken in order to work properly. Most of the PC users are familiar with this method but for those who aren’t then let me break it down to you.

So all you need to do when connecting your controller through wires to your PC is to find a USB port on your PC and then connect the controller to it. Once you have done that then after a couple of seconds your controller would be recognized by the windows and recommended drivers will be installed for it and after that, you are good to go. You don’t need any additional software for this method and you can just open up your game and play with the controller that you have connected.

Buying XBOX Package:

As you have already guessed this method is far different than any other method but it’s official and confirmed to work properly. So for which people this method is exactly for. This method work for those people who don’t own an XBOX but have the controller lying around them.

So in order to complete this process, the first thing you need to do is to buy the Microsoft XBOX package that works with windows. So what this does is that it comes with all the accessories and work with any version of windows ranging from Windows 8 to Windows 11. Buying this package does not do any harm in fact it can also be used for later purposes. So if you want a complete tension-free method and don’t own an XBOX then this method is for you.

Using Third-Party Accessories:

So if you are not able to do any of the previous methods then here is a last alternative method that can work for you and this method requires you to purchase a separate adaptor/receiver for your PC. Since consoles have different Bluetooth modems inside of them and the controller is equipped with the same one you also need that in your PC for the controller to work wirelessly.

Microsoft themselves make these special adaptors which are given with the XBOX package but unfortunately, they are not available separately but there is a high chance that you can find those in local stores. Moreover, these adaptors are also manufactured by third-party people so you might take precautions when buying one because as we all know that third-party products are not reliable unless they are from a good brand. Now once you have that adaptor we can move to the further steps.

Installing the Adaptor:

Before installing the adaptor your PC should be at least running Windows 8 any version of windows below 8 can pose difficulties or even not working at all because they are outdated and not supported by Microsoft anymore. Now if you are running Windows 8 or above then all you need to do is to plug in the adaptor inside of your PC USB port.

Once connected you will hear the device connected sound but you have to wait for a couple of seconds because it takes a couple of seconds for Windows to recognize the device. On your taskbar, you will see a pop-up that said that your device is ready to use but if you don’t see that the other way to make sure that your device is connected properly is to go to the device manager, and here is how you can access it.

• Right-click on your Start button

• A Pop-Up Window will appear then select device manager from that window and it will open.

• You will see the XBOX Wireless controller name listed there.

Installing The Adaptor On windows 7 Or Lower version:

Just like I stated that connecting this receiver and making it work properly is a difficult process overall. It’s not as easy as you would think because these versions of windows are not being supported by Microsoft anymore that’s why they don’t contain the latest or updated drivers for modern devices which is why you have to separately download then install them for that device. This issue can also occur with windows 8 or 10 because sometimes they also don’t contain the necessary drivers but that is very rare unless you have the official version of the operating system.

So this method can work both ways.

The first thing you need to do is plug in the receiver and wait for a couple of seconds.

• The operating system will try to recognize the device and if it does then it will start installing its necessary drivers.

• Wait for a more couple of seconds and if the device drivers are failed to be installed you will see a pop-up banner near the right end of your taskbar.

• Click on that banner and a window will pop up saying that the driver has failed to install.

• Now exit that window and open the device manager by right-clicking the start button and selecting the device manager option.

• Once the device manager is opened you will see your device name with a caution sign on its logo.

• Right-click on that device and select the Update driver option. A new pop up window will appear

• On this window, you have to select the option named( Search Automatically For Updated Drivers)

• Selecting that option will start the progress of searching the updated drivers on your PC first and then on the internet.

• This process is automatic and you just have to wait for some time in order for it to download and install these drivers because these older window versions take some time to find those compatible drivers due to being discontinued for these versions.

So these are the steps that you should take in order to connect the Microsoft XBOX receiver to your PC if you are running a lower version of windows on your PC. This method works most of the time and requires no hassle at all but if it is not working then you might have to separately download the drivers for your version of windows from the internet.

The best way to find these drivers is to go to the Microsoft website or any other trusted website that delivers the exact version of drivers needed for this version of windows that you are currently running. Like Driver Pack, Or Driver scape. These websites provide 100% free drivers for an older version of windows and don’t do anything harmful to your PC.

Once you have downloaded these drivers you just have to install them in a specific location like desktop and install them through device manager for whether this time you have to select the option search my computer for drivers and then you have to select the location where you have installed the drivers after unzipping them. And there you go the drivers are now installed and if they are the wrong version an error will appear and then you have to download another version of it.


So there you have it one of the easiest ways of to your PC by both wired and wireless connections. This method is tested to be working and is official so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful happening to your device.

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