Whenever you are trying to purchase something for your PC, you are presented with dozens of options from different companies. Each brand has its type of products in which they specialize themselves. The number one example of this is ASUS. Everybody believes that ASUS makes some of the best PC products on the market; however, ASUS is not the only manufacturer to do this. Like other brand manufacturers, ASUS also makes tons of products for PCs, but the thing that is special about their products is high-grade build quality and performance for the price of the products.

Now XFX is a familiar brand in northern regions, and most people know them through their graphic cards, but they also make other parts like power supply and motherboards. There are also other companies manufacturing components for the PC. A user has to carefully choose one manufacturer because they all have advantages and disadvantages, and they all differ in specs even though it’s the same product. So, to check if the XFX is a good enough manufacturer of PC parts, we have created this guide that will relieve your concern about is XFX a good gaming brand?

What is XFX

As some users don’t know much about XFX, it will be harder for them to understand the company, so before moving on to other things, let’s take a look at what exactly XFX is and where it is located.

XFX is an American trademark company that is situated in Ontario, California. Most people know them from their graphics cards because they first started with those, and later in 2009, they also started investing in other products such as motherboards. Moreover, you have rarely seen the name of XFX branding on any recently released graphic cards from Nvidia, and it’s because the company stopped making those GPUs in later 2014s.

XFX has partnered and shipped with AMD, and you can see graphic cards from AMD that have XFX branding on a much larger scale. One of the many sold units from XFX included the AMD RX 400 and 500 series XFX graphics cards.

How Good is XFX?

XFX is not a stranger in the PC market, which means they also know how to produce a product that will satisfy the customers. Although there are mixed reviews about the company from my personal experience, their graphics cards are perfect for their price, just like other manufacturers. XFX also sells graphic cards that are already factory overclocked to the customers.

These graphics cards performed better than the regular tuned GPUs, and just as every other brand is unique in its category, XFX sold graphics cards to the customers at a lower price, even the overclocked ones. This is why every GPU that you see from XFX has a lower price tag, which sometimes gives people the wrong impression of a low-quality product.

XFX graphics cards are also beautifully designed and have an excellent build quality. If a graphic card is budget-friendly, then it will not have that performance design as it is exclusive to only the performance version of the GPUs from XFX. The overclocked versions of the graphic card, which are referred to as Extreme or XXX Edition, come with an aggressive design and stickering from which the customer can tell that it’s a performance version of the graphic card.

XFX Gaming and Performance

Your PC gaming performance depends upon what type of PC you are running. So, if you are running a PC with a slower CPU and a higher graphics card, it will bottleneck the CPU, resulting in low FPS. If you have a higher CPU and low-end graphic card, then the GPU will bottleneck the CPU following the same result, so it is important that before you try to play games on your PC, make sure that you have the right combination of these two things and other such as RAMs.

The graphic card that we tested, the XFX RX 480, performed slightly faster than the regular factory version of the graphic card. In contrast, the results were also the same as the other brands with a slight gap of 5 to 10 frames, but that can be skipped as it costs less than another version of the same card. Thanks to the big heatsink and fans, the temperature was also fine, which kept the GPU under 65C.

Furthermore, your gaming performance also depends upon your game and if the graphic card is capable of running it. The gaming and performance from the XFX RX 480 were good, and the temperature was also fine during the test; with all the gaming and performance of the XFX GPUs sorted out, that leaves us with only one thing.

Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, the build quality for the XFX products was extremely good but not top of the line because, just like any other product, it also has flaws. The performance version of the GPUs was equipped with big and loud fans, which makes the card a bit loud during high temperatures. Moreover, they don’t last much longer than ASUS or Gigabyte, but that depends upon their condition because if you use them carefully enough, they will last much longer.


With all the mixed reviews and suggestions over the internet about the XFX cards, this can leave the user confused if they should buy one or not but remember that each graphics card is not the same; just like on the internet, there are both positive and negative reviews about the XFX graphic cards and unless you don’t have used one yourself you can’t tell completely if they were worth your money or not.

In our case, the XFX Rx 480 did an amazing job, considering the card was not box packed or anything; it was still being used for all types of purposes like playing games or typical daily usage. So, give them a go and check them out for yourself.

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