Seagate Iron Wolf 4TB NAS Internal Hard Drive

Starting Things, we have our trusty Brand Known as the Western digital, they make some of the best storage devices, plex external hard drive and are mostly recognized by the vast variety that they offer; their RED series is specifically designed to store more data with faster rates and transfer speeds they start from a range of 1TB and goes all the way up to 8Tb which is massive in size.

This Media Hard drive has a transfer speed of up to 6GB/s; you can quickly upload your data to your device with this speed. The Red series comes with NASware 3.0 software which provides you the best in class performance and compatibility that you are looking for now; if you want to have some extra features and more transfer speeds, there is also a pro version for it which is the enhanced version of the RED series.

The one main thing that is also to be noticed is the price because they start from a price range of 60$ or less (Depends upon the Supplier). It seems a very good price and cheap and remember that you are getting the 5 years of warranty time in this price tag. The price can go up depending on the variant that you choose. There are also other brands that offer cheaper products than this, but they are not reliable.

WD 5TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

If you are a storage-hungry User, which means that you store a huge amount of data and want a lot of storage, the Western digital also has a solution for that, which is the My western digital portable hard drive . Like the name suggests, you can store a massive amount of data in it because it starts from a range of 1 TB and goes all the way up to 18 TB, which is huge, so storing your movies into Plex is not a problem anymore.

The My digital media storage Book offers many reliabilities compared to the previous one, like the 256 Bit encryption code, which makes sure that your data is safe and protected.

The other big feature of this plex nas specific drive is that it supports USB 3.0, which makes your transfer speeds between the computers much high; another main problem that can arrive here is that when you have this amount of data in a single drive, you need to make sure that it is backed up properly in case of any damage well western digital also has a solution for this which is WD own backed up software which comes pre-installed you can set it up to auto mode for regular backup or manual mode which is a huge convenience.

Now let's talk about the digital movie storage price which it comes, and that is 140$ on amazon (At This Time), which is a little bit expensive, but it is an excellent product to have.

WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive

Seagate is also a very good brand; in fact, both Western Digital and Seagate make some of the best products. The Seagate 10 Tb external hard drive is a one-stop solution for users on a low budget and wants more storage and reliability; with a storage space of 10Tb, you can always be worry-free about the storage problems.

The best feature of this seagate media server hard drive is that it supports USB 3.0 and 2.0 and comes with a USB 3.0 cable inside the box for fast transfer speeds.

This Plex PC hard drive offers extreme portability; you can connect it to any device that has USB Port and runs windows OS because they are compatible with the system running windows 7 or higher and requires no software installation, and it offers all the exclusive features that other products offer.

It has a speed of 160 MB/s which is a little slow, but everything has its pros and cons, and It has the price, as I mentioned earlier, that it is for those on a low budget. You can pick it for around 280$ on Amazon, in which you are getting a lot more storage, and it's not that much for space like 10 TB. Overall, according to our Guide, this Seagate personal cloud plex is Best 10TB external hard drive

WD 1TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

You may not have heard the name of G-Technology, but they also have some amazing products because it is a brand of Western digital who make products specifically for Macs so if you have an Apple Mac book and is looking for a hard drive that will be fully compatible with your Mac then this product is for you.

The most interesting part of this best 10tb external hard drive build is, like all Mac products, this server drive has an aluminum body which gives it premium look and feels, which also adds as a plus for durability.

In addition, it starts from a storage capacity of 4TB and goes all the way up to 18TB, and for speed, this external hard drive nas has a transfer rate of up to 250MB/s and RPM speed of 7200, which can write your data much more-quicker.

Now for the connectivity, this external network hard drive thing has 2 thunderbolts, 3 ports, and 1 USB 3.1 Gen port, which also adds as a plus for speed, and with the help of these ports, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

If you love these features and wish that it will be compatible with windows, there is a piece of good news because it cheap Drive for plex is compatible with windows also, but the only downside of this cheapest nas for plex is in order to do that you have to format the drive for which the company has included built-in software.

Seagate Iron Wolf 3TB NAS Internal Hard Drive

Seagate iron wolf is a top-notch product for storing data because it has some amazing specs on the paper so that It will be a perfect match for you. Now let's talk about the specs; the Seagate IronWolf Pro is a NAS-compatible drive with an RPM of 7200 and a cache memory of 128Mb, and for transfers, it seagate media server has a speed of 214 MB/s. In addition, it is a perfect product for servers that requires 24 hours usage because it is built for this purpose.

The portable plex server iron wolf is specifically built to use in extreme conditions with no noise while consuming less power; with specs like these, you will not experience any delays, lag, or slow performance, but instead, you will get high performance and increased sharing speeds with worry-free data backup even when something goes wrong like power failure you can easily monitor the performance of your drive stats health and many things by using the Iron Wolf health management software which gives you all the info that you need about your drive.

Seagate hard drive for dvr has a form factor of 3.5 and weighs around 850G which is a little heavy for a hard drive, so if you are looking for a top product, then Iron Wolf is the product for you. Overall this 4tb external hard disk is best hard drive for server.

Seagate 16TB

You may have probably guessed from the name Rugged that it is durable. You are right. This lacie hard drive is made to bear extreme environments. You can carry it anywhere you want without worrying about the damage, but if you have not heard about the company, then how do you trust it? The answer to that question is very simple: there is a first time for everything, which brings us to that what is in this product that you want to try.

LaCie Rugged is built to use in extreme conditions because seagate 8tb hard drive is both waterproof and dustproof, but in case if its gets damaged, you are getting a 3-year limited time warranty with data recovery services. Now let's talk about the specs; the LaCie Rugged is equipped with a USB type C 3.0 port for fast connectivity and transfer speeds with up to 130 Mb/s. It is also compatible with both Mac and windows. The storage of this drive starts from 2TB and goes all the way up to 8TB, which should be fine for you.

Now the big hump is in the price because you can pick it up for around 160$ on amazon on a 2TB variant which is a big relief because if you are trying a new product, you have to make sure that how much it offers at the price it is being given. So, considering its price, this is not a bad deal; it also has some good reviews.