Best Dual CPU Motherboard

In the real world, dual-core motherboards are not common, because they are rarely seen in places such as offices, homes, or departments. This is because these motherboards require a lot of horsepowers and they are very complicated to maintain. You will only see them on Workstation or other big PC. But some gamers use them for gaming or other high-quality stuff like rendering or running high CPU requiring software because of the performance they provide. So in this guide, we will be discussing some of the best dual CPU-supported motherboards from expensive to low or mid-range that provide that performance but first let’s take a quick peek at how they work.

So how do two CPUs work together on a computer? Well, the answer is quite simple whenever your one processor has a lot of load on it or doing so many multiple tasks that it slows down the speed of your computer it shares the load with the second processor and all your tasks can be done very rapidly. Both Intel and AMD are working in their ways for this technology to make it more supportive on PC like AMD has released the Ryzen Thread ripper which is two processors combined in one single form and it’s much better in any way you compare it and we will also be discussing the thread ripper with its supported motherboard later in this guide. So now let’s check out some of the motherboards that support two CPUs and will do the right job for you.

Award Model Price
Best Overall Motherboard for Servers Super Micro H11DSI-NT CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Runner up Dual CPU Motherboard Asus Pro WS WRX80E CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Dual Threadripper Motherboard Asus EEB Power CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Dual Intel CPU Motherboard Asus WSC621E Sage CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Dual CPU Motherboard For Workstations ASRock Rack EP2C602 CHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews

Best Dual CPU Motherboard Reviews

Super Micro H11DSI-NT (Image credit: Amazon)

Super Micro H11DSI-NT

Best Overall Motherboard for Servers

Starting things with the Super Micro. Their H11DSi-NT is one hell of a good motherboard in the price tag it comes in and for two CPUs to work together while providing some other good features which we will now cover.

The H11DSI-Nt has an SP3 socket and Supports Dual AMD EPYC 7001/7002 series processors which consist of 64 cores and for memory, the motherboard has 16 DIMM DDR4 slots and has 8 channel memory bus which supports 2666 to 3200 MHZ of RAM speeds. You can install a DDR4 ram of up to 2TB which is insanely high and will do a perfect job for handling both of your processors’ memory voltage requirements are the same as a normal motherboard requiring 1.2V. So this is about the RAM support now let’s talk about other noteworthy things.

The motherboard also has SATA3 Ports which provide a transferring of up to 6GBPS and for networking, it has an intel X550 10G Base Ethernet controller. Moving on to the USB support it has a total of 6 USB ports including 2 USB 3.0ports which are on the rear of the motherboard and it also has a TPM 2.0 Header something which is very demanding nowadays for security and windows 11.

The motherboard only has 1 VGA Output. The checking mechanism of the motherboard provides all the necessary info about the components of the PC. You can check the status of 8 fans which are connected to the motherboard through 4 pin connectors and control their speed and other things and for temperatures, it gives you the info of both the CPU and the chassis and if your temperatures are too high the system overheats LED lights up which is mounted on the motherboard.

Other features of the motherboard include UID, Chassis Intrusion detection, and Chassis Intrusion Header. The H11DSI-Nt is a perfect board for your PC if you are going for an AMD processor it is also the best value for the money.

Asus Pro WS WRX80E (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus Pro WS WRX80E

Best Runner up Dual CPU Motherboard

Now let’s talk about the company that we all are familiar with. The Asus Pro WS is a beast of a motherboard it has a sleek-looking design covered in black which adds a more premium feeling to it. The dual threadripper motherboard is protected with metal plates on the back also covered in black with a logo that says Pro Series. It’s a nice little touch to remind you that it is not any ordinary motherboard.

Now as I mentioned earlier that we will be discussing the threadripper well this is it. The Motherboard supports AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro series processors with a chipset of AMD WRX80. Sadly the only downside of this board is that it only has 8 memory slots of DDR4 memory with the same 8 channel memory that supports memory sticks to 2TB. The maximum memory-supported speed is 3200MHZ. Now although it does has fewer memory slots than the previous product it still does the job easily so there is no problem in using it.

The Asus pro also has massive 7 PCI-E expansion slots and of course, it supports NVidia SLI and AMD CrossFire technology otherwise there will be no point in using 7 slots at the same time. The other good features of this motherboard include high-speed USB adapters of 3.2 and Also USB type c which is a good thing and along with Wi-Fi the Asus pro also has Bluetooth support.

The huge relief in this dual socket motherboard is that it has a clear CMOS button on the backplate of the motherboard and unlike other motherboards, Asus has used high-quality audio jacks and capacitors which provides more features and quality than other standards motherboards.

Asus EEB Power (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus EEB Power

Best Dual Threadripper Motherboard

Now let’s talk about some intel supported motherboards So this motherboard is not anything like the previous Asus pro motherboard because that was a high-end motherboard and this is not which means that you have to lose some of the features and quality over the previous one but it still provides all the necessary things and it is cheaper. So let’s discuss those features.

So first of all let’s talk about the slots because they are a necessary thing. Now the Asus EEB power has the same 8 slots of the ram of DDR4 memory with 8 channel memory that can support the memory of up to 512GB and for SATA connectors it has 14 SATA connectors all equipped with high-speed transfers of 10/GBPS. It also has the same amount of 7 PCIE slots that support both NVidia SLIE and AMD Crossfire. The dual CPU motherboard Xeon is also built with high quality but it does not have any fancy things on it like metal plates or shiny stickers but still, it does look good due to its black cover.

The Asus EEB powerhouses an Intel 2011-3 socket which runs Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3/V4 processors. These processors are widely known for their more cores and threads than any other intel family CPU and the good news is that you can overclock both of these processors with the help of Xeon Turbo Charger and AI overclock Tuner in the motherboard bios it can increase the speed of your processor by 10% to get you the best CPU performance possible.

The one thing that it also has that is worth mentioning here is that it has a USB charger+ dedicated port which can charge your mobile or device 3x times more rapidly than any other ordinary charger.

Asus WSC621E Sage (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus WSC621E Sage

Best Dual Intel CPU Motherboard

This Asus motherboard also supports Intel-based processors because it has a socket of LGA3647 which also supports intel Xeon processors and you can also overclock them with the help of two-way overclocking built In the bios just like the previous Asus EEB power but there is more to it than then this motherboard. So let’s check these features out.

First of all the motherboard has more memory slots than the previous motherboard it has 12 memory slots of DDR4 memory with quad-channel support and 8 channel memory bandwidth that allows you to put RAM inside your system up to 2TB and it also uses ECC memory type which is faster than the standard memory kit.

This best dual CPU motherboard for gaming also features U.2 and M.2 which provides you extra fast transferring speed with the help of USB 3.2 and USB type C connectors which are located on the back and just like the previous ASUS motherboard it has 7 PCI-E slots supporting both AMD crossfire and NVidia SLI-E technology another big improvement is that now you have 10 SATA ports all providing 10/GBs of transferring speed but along with this now you have 4x U.2 Ports with the transferring speed of 32/GBs.This motherboard dual processor also has many built-in features which make it winning the #1 spot in benchmark testing.

ASRock Rack EP2C602 (Image credit: Amazon)

ASRock Rack EP2C602

Best Dual CPU Motherboard For Workstations

The ASRock Rack is an old type of motherboard that also supports Intel Xeon Processors with a socket of LGA2011 and it also supports hyper-threading. This dual processor motherboard has 8 memory DIMM slots that support quad-channel DDR3 Memory from 1066 MHZ to 1866 MHZ that can support up to 256 GB of ECC and UDIMM memory requiring 1.5 to 1.35V of power.

The dual-processor motherboard has 4 PCIE x16 slots and the other one is PCIE x4 and for SATA controllers it has only 2 slots that provide 6/GBS of transferring speed and the other 8 slots provide 3GB/S of speed. The LAN compartment of the dual CPU motherboard am4 houses Gigabit LAN that provides a max speed of 1000MB/S that also supports various functions like Wake-On LAN and Dual LAN with Teaming Function.

The ASRock Rack EP2C602 is not any high-end motherboard dual cpu it only provides the necessary things to run two Processors so it is not going to look like a premium motherboard but it is a good dual CPU motherboard i9 that houses DDR3 memory and it will be perfect for Low budget People because it has a lot of other features like TPM support, Thermal Sensor Header, 8 Fan connectors that can all be monitored through the bios, USB type A and other great features. So if you are a little short on cash and want a good dual processors motherboard in DDR3 compatible memory the ASRock Rack will not disappoint you.

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Taking the review to its conclusion, we would like to tell you that all the dual CPU motherboards on this list have been carefully selected and are best suited to your CPU. In our opinion every motherboard is fine in terms of quality and features, however, we would recommend you the Super Micro H11DSI-NT, as its styling features set it apart from others whereas everyone has their taste, you can review each motherboard and find that which suits you the best.