A computer relies on its hardware, and RAM, also known as random access memory, is one of the key elements.

Whenever you are on the market for a new computer, you should pay attention to hardware specifications.

Sure, one could argue that there is an option to upgrade the hardware later, but it is not an option in certain cases. For example, if you purchase a MacBook, the odds are that your laptop model is not compatible with hardware modifications.

You will also have to learn how to reset PRAM Mac has when you encounter issues related to memory because replacing RAM is often not an option.

The situation is different when building a custom computer. You can hand-pick each hardware component yourself (so long as it is compatible with the rest of the setup).

These days, it is common to see Crucial RAM being recommended as an option. But is Crucial RAM good for gaming as well as other activities you might want to do on your computer? Let’s find out below.

What Is Crucial RAM:

The name “Crucial RAM” stems from the brand, though it is a bit misleading given that the company uses the word CRUCIAL which has a significant meaning in the context of computer hardware.

The manufacturer has more than 30 years of experience and is one of the best when it comes to the random accessory memory market.

If you were to look at reviews, you would notice that there is hardly anything negative about Micron—the company behind Crucial RAM.

It might be difficult to trust the words of a corporation, but there are exceptions, and Micron is certainly one of the best examples of such exceptions.

The Price:

Custom-built computers can be quite expensive, so it is natural for people to fit a certain budget. Even if you are building a rig for gaming, something that the computer memory affects a lot, you do not want to overspend.

The reason why Crucial RAM has such a competitive price is the fact that it is one of the subsidiaries of Micron. In other words, Crucial does not have to worry about dealing with middlemen and increasing the price. Instead, they benefit from a direct collaboration with the manufacturer and save money for the consumer.

The Gaming Aspect:

If you plan to get a custom-built PC, the odds are that you are interested in video games the most. As already mentioned, RAM means a lot for gaming, and you need to find the right brand.

Overall, Crucial is an excellent choice when it comes to video games. Crucial has different RAM modules for different motherboards, which is an added benefit for those concerned about hardware compatibility. And if you ever decide to add extra memory later, that should not be an issue either.

Everyday Usage:

Putting gaming aside, you might also use a computer for work or studies. Browsing the internet and watching movies or TV shows is also quite common. Would Crucial RAM be enough for that?

Certainly. Considering how little memory such activities require, you do not need to concern yourself about whether Crucial is a good choice or not. If the RAM brand works for high-end activities like running demanding video games, it will obviously be more than enough for everyday usage.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

As expected, Crucial RAM has plenty of benefits. To simplify it, you have to consider these as the main advantages:

  • Price: Affordability should not be underestimated, particularly when you get a great product at a competitive price.
  • Quality: The overall quality of Crucial RAM is a significant advantage as users do not have to worry about needing to replace memory in a long time.
  • Compatibility: Whether you are looking to add extra memory to boost the computer’s performance or trying to build a computer from scratch, Crucial is an excellent option compatibility-wise.
  • Performance: When it comes to computer hardware, performance should be one of the key aspects to consider. You do not have to worry about potential performance issues if you decide to go with Crucial RAM.

Are there any drawbacks? Not really, because the overall choice is solid when we are talking about computer memory.

When Does It Make Sense to Add More RAM?

If you already have a computer and are not sure about adding extra memory, there are a few key aspects to consider.

First of all, extra memory is useful for those who have a sluggish computer. Additional RAM helps with the overall performance.

Next, if you plan to play video games that have higher requirements than usual and you immediately notice frame drops.

Finally, in some cases, you might see various error messages warning you about insufficient memory.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, considering the pros and cons, it should be pretty clear that Crucial RAM is a solid option. If you were on the fence about the option before reading this article, your stance should be changed now.

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